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East Asian Studies

Professor: Greb (Sociology)

Associate Professors: Caffrey (History); Gai (Political Science) (director)

MINOR REQUIREMENTS: The East Asian Studies Minor requires seven courses: two to four language courses in Mandarin Chinese or Japanese and three to five non-language courses on East Asia. Students may choose to do 2 language courses + 5 non-language courses, 3 language courses + 4 non-language courses, or 4 language courses + 3 non-language courses. Students may take Mandarin Chinese or Japanese on campus or take them off campus. They may choose to take their language courses all in one language or in both languages. Students are to choose three to five non-language courses from the following list and these courses must be from at least two disciplines, and one of them must be at the 300 level or above:

HIS 151 

Asian Heritage

HIS 250 

History of Modern Japan

HIS 251

China through Film*

HIS 254 

Ancient China

HIS 255 

History of Modern China

HIS 350 

Contemporary East Asia

HIS 352 

China through Literature

HIS 256

Chinese History Tour*

POL 231 

Politics of China

POL 250

Special Topics China!*

POL 250 

Special Topics Political Economy of East Asia

POL 350 

Special Topics East Asia in World Politics

SOC 251/351

Japan in Japan*

*Intersession or Intersession Abroad Course

NOTE: Students who are familiar with Mandarin Chinese or Japanese prior to their enrollment at the College may complete the East Asian Studies minor without taking additional language courses; such students would complete the minor with six non-language courses. Students who major in International Studies may not minor in East Asian Studies.

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