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Entrepreneurial Studies

Associate Professor: Murphy (director)

The Entrepreneurial Studies Program provides students with the skills, insights, and experiences that will enable them to recognize, develop, and benefit ethically from entrepreneurial opportunities in a variety of fields based on their education in the liberal arts. The program offers both a minor and a concentration.

MINOR REQUIREMENTS: A total of six courses including ESP 101 , ACC 211 , one 200-level ESP course, two 300-level ESP courses, and one additional ESP course.

A student completing a minor in entrepreneurial studies will be prepared to create an entrepreneurial opportunity and possess a level of expertise in at least two functional areas. The minor is not available to students who have declared majors in the economics/business department.

CONCENTRATION REQUIREMENTS: A total of four courses including ESP 101 , ACC 211 , one 200-level ESP course, and one 300-level ESP course.

A concentration in entrepreneurial studies is available to any W&J student regardless of major. A student completing a concentration will have knowledge of the major topics of entrepreneurship and expertise in one functional area.

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