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Film and Video Studies

Professors: Cameron (coordinator), Frank

Associate Professors: S. Fee, Fleury, Manzari, Maresh, Schmidt, M. Shaughnessy, Swift

Assistant Professors: Shaw

The interdisciplinary concentration in Film and Video Studies seeks to provide students with the skills and knowledge to become discriminating receivers of cinematic and tele-visual texts and, as a result, more fully engaged citizens in our high-tech, media-driven society. Students who elect this concentration will learn about film and video as arts of interdisciplinary collaboration, which combine writing, photography, editing, acting, sound design, and production design. The student can customize a program of study to emphasize one or more of the contributing arts.

CONCENTRATION REQUIREMENTS: Four courses minimum, from at least two areas of study. Students must take at least three courses from the core list -- COM 130 is required.

COM 130

Film Art

COM 250

Topics in Communication (when topic is specific to film)
Recent examples: Transgendered Film, Crime in American Cinema)

COM 330

Film in Context (Recent examples: Science Fiction Film; Hitchcock)

COM 340

Television and American Culture

COM 381


GER 289

German Film

ITL 365

Digital Film

MUS 245

Music and the Natural Environment

Students may also count one of the following courses toward the concentration:

ART 108

2-D and 3-D Design

COM 218


ITL 271

Preparing New Media

THR 180

Acting I

THR 260

Production Design

SPN 421

Latin American Film

Other courses as approved by program director.

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