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Gender and Women's Studies

Steering Committee

Professors: Benze, Kyler (director), Wilson

Associate Professors: Holland-Minkley, McEvoy, Shiller, Taylor

Affiliated Faculty

Professors: Bennett, Hannon, Lambertson, List, Longo, Pettersen, Troost, Vande Kappelle, West, Woodard

Associate Professors: Carpenter, DeBerry, East, T. Fee, Fleury, Gottschall, Grime, Kline, Malinak, Maresh, Medley, Mayer, Pflanze, C. Shaughnessy, M. Shaughnessy, Swift, Wolf

Assistant Professor: Harding

The gender and women's studies minor is an interdisciplinary course of study in the liberal arts that centers on issues of gender, sexuality, and the ways gender and sexuality shape human experience through history and across cultures.

MINOR REQUIREMENTS: Six courses are required for the completion of the minor. They are GWS 100: Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies ; GWS 300: Theories of Gender ; and four additional courses approved by the Gender and Women's Studies Steering Committee. These four elective courses must represent at least two academic divisions (arts, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences). With approval, a student may complete an internship or independent study as one of these courses--in fact, this option is encouraged. Also with approval, a student may take, as a gender and women's studies elective, a course not normally approved in which the student arranges to focus his or her own work on gender and women's studies issues.

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