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Associate Professor: M. Shaughnessy (director)

Assistant Professor: Atzler

Instructor: Altmeyer

The German major and minor programs are offered through the Department of Modern Languages.

The German program at W&J is a culturally centered program designed to teach students about the language, the people, and history of German-speaking countries. Students will learn to effectively use the German language and knowledge of the culture in contemporary society. Students of German are encouraged to use the liberal arts tradition to go beyond their German classes and demonstrate interdisciplinary skills as a core part of the course of study.

The German program is a proficiency-based language program. This means that at various levels (100, 200, 300, and 400) students must demonstrate standards-based abilities in German. Classes at the 100 level are elementary in nature and focus on everyday interactions, basic exchanges of information, and a functional notion of the culture.

Classes at the 200 level are intermediate in nature and require students to be able to understand a wider variety of spoken German. Students are introduced to literature and are asked to make connections between disciplines. Classes at the 300 and 400 levels are designated as "advanced level." These classes require students to express themselves verbally and in written form on a wide variety of cultural and practical topics. Additionally, these classes are taught exclusively in German.

MAJOR REQUIREMENTS: Students must take six advanced level classes, three of which must be at the 400 level.

For the major, students must complete an approved capstone project in conjunction with an electronic portfolio. Possible capstone experiences include a study abroad experience of at least one term; a special project associated with a 400-level course or independent study; or a language intensive internship.

German majors are permitted to double major in French or Spanish.

STUDY ABROAD: All modern language majors (currently French, German, and Spanish) must spend a minimum of one semester, or the academic equivalent, on a study abroad program, course of study, or internship approved by the language program director. The approved program must follow general College study-abroad guidelines.

MINOR REQUIREMENTS: Students must take three advanced level classes, one of which must be at the 400 level.

NOTE: Students who begin in 309 are not eligible for a minor. Course requirements for the major and minor beyond 208 must be taken at W&J, with the exception of preapproved study abroad programs.

Students who have completed coursework at one level may not take courses at a lower level without departmental approval

AP Policy: Students scoring a 4 or 5 on a language AP exam receive credit for 207AP in that language.

PLACEMENT PROCEDURES: All students taking a language at W&J must take the student information questionnaire prior to enrollment in that language. Students with a background in this language must also complete the computerized adaptive placement exam (CAPE). Incoming freshmen will usually take the exam prior to registration during summer orientation, but the exam may be administered at any time. The results of the questionnaire and exam will usually determine the level at which a student will begin a course of study in the language. A student who falls at the high or low end of a scoring range may be placed higher or lower than the course indicated, depending on the number of years of language the student has had. Placement in these situations is done in consultation with a faculty member from the relevant program. Because of the varying requirements for completing a major or minor in language, it is to the student's advantage to begin at the highest level possible.

TEACHER CERTIFICATION: Students may seek Specialty Education (grades K-12) Certification in German by completing the German major including GER 260, and an Education minor consisting of those courses required for Specialty Education (grades K-12) Certification.  Before being formally admitted to the program, students must satisfy-by the end of the sophomore year-the Certification Program Requirements described in the Education (Teacher Certification) section of the catalog.

STUDY ABROAD: The German program offers three programs for students to study abroad at various levels. Courses are offered as a part of the standard program through W&J. All credits and grades transfer automatically.

•    PCIC in Cologne. This Fall term program offers students in any major who have completed at least one year of German the opportunity to experience Germany to the fullest--its people, culture, and above all, the native language. Courses are offered in English and German and are tailored to American students. Cologne is Germany's fourth largest city and located on the Rhine River with easy rail connections to every major city in Germany and Europe. Interested students should contact the German program coordinator.

•    W&J in Munich. This 12-month program through the University of Munich and Lewis and Clark College is intended for juniors who have completed at least four terms of German at W&J. This program is the ideal way to solidify a student's knowledge of German and take part in a life changing experience fully immersed in the German culture. Considered to be one of the best study abroad programs in the United States, this program offers small, liberal arts-style classes in Munich, Germany. This program is intended for German majors and science majors with appropriate language ability. Interested students should contact the German program coordinator.

•    W&J-UniKöln Exchange Program. The University of Cologne, Germany, and W&J have an established upper-level, two-way exchange program. Advanced-level students in German can directly enroll at this exciting, metropolitan University in the heart of Germany. Students typically live in a German dormitory with other German students and take regular courses at the University in German literature, English literature, or education. This program is ideal as a capstone experience for juniors or seniors seeking additional academic opportunities and independent studies. Interested students should contact the German program coordinator.

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