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Japan is ancient yet modern and traditional yet dynamic. It is America's most important ally in the Pacific and one of our largest trading partners. Begin studying Japanese and the culture opens up; become proficient in Japanese and opportunities become endless. Courses in the Japanese language are offered through the Department of Modern Languages.

PLACEMENT PROCEDURES: All students taking a language at W&J must take the student information questionnaire prior to enrollment in that language. Students with a background in this language must also complete the computerized adaptive placement exam (CAPE). Incoming freshmen will usually take the exam prior to registration during summer orientation, but the exam may be administered at any time. The results of the questionnaire and exam will usually determine the level at which a student will begin a course of study in the language. A student who falls at the high or low end of a scoring range may be placed higher or lower than the course indicated, depending on the number of years of language the student has had. Placement in these situations is done in consultation with a faculty member from the relevant program. Because of the varying requirements for completing a major or minor in language, it is to the student's advantage to begin at the highest level possible.

AP Policy: Students scoring a 4 or 5 on a language AP exam receive credit for 207AP in that language.

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