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Professors: Woodard

Associate Professors: Medley, Swift (chair)

Assistant Professor: Simpson

Music courses are open to all students, most without prerequisites. The department offers a variety of enrichment courses valuable to a general education as well as a strong program in theory, history, world music, and performance leading to a music major or minor.

MAJOR REQUIREMENTS: A minimum of 10 courses in music, including MUS 201 and 202 ; MUS 205 and 206 ; at least one other course at the 200 level; one course from those numbered 300 to 310; 341 or 361; MUS 401 with successful presentation of the senior music project; two full years (four consecutive terms) of a W&J large ensemble; and two consecutive terms of one performance experience, such as applied study in voice or instrumental music, chamber music ensemble, Camerata Singers, or Jazz Ensemble.

MINOR REQUIREMENTSMUS 201 or 202 ; MUS 205; four consecutive terms in Choir or Wind Ensemble; three courses from the department's offerings numbered 221 and above; and successful completion of the senior music project, which must be proposed and accepted in the student's penultimate semester. Projects may include senior recitals, papers, and other forms of presentation approved by the music faculty. Students considering a Minor must communicate at least once each term with the Department Chair.  Minors are also strongly advised to designate a Music Department faculty member as a secondary advisor of record with the Registrar.

NOTE: MUS 103, 141, and 204 do not count toward the minor or major in music.

PERFORMANCE (APPLIED) STUDIES: The music department offers a number of courses in music performance areas known as applied studies. These courses are denoted by the prefix MUA and, as partial courses, yield partial credit. Applied studies in music may be taken more than once, with ongoing participation in the College ensembles strongly encouraged. For private instruction in instrumental or vocal music, students should register for the appropriate applied studies course and see the instructor to schedule a one-hour weekly lesson. For private instruction, there is a per-term applied lesson fee.

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