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Professor: Cannon, Pettersen (chair), Sheers

Assistant Professor: McCracken

Physics attempts to give a description of the natural world, from quarks to quasars, based upon observation and expressed mathematically. The physics department at W&J has an active, accessible faculty, and a tradition of students who succeed in graduate study, business, and industry. Students of the department benefit from one-on-one interaction, opportunities for research, and a sense of community. The department's offerings include a major and minor in physics, a major in biological physics, and courses in the areas of physics, earth and space science, information technology, and environmental studies.

MAJOR REQUIREMENTS: PHY 101 and 102 or 107 and 108 ; 209 , 234 , 313 , 319 , 341 , 342 , 390 , 441 , and 442 ; and two additional courses at the 300 and 400 levels. MTH 208 is required. PHY 441 and 442 serve as the capstone experience.

Students considering a major in physics are encouraged to start PHY 107 and MTH 151 in the fall of the freshman year. PHY 107 can be started in the sophomore year. Students considering changing to physics as a major should discuss the matter with the department chair.

MINOR REQUIREMENTS: PHY 101 and 102 or 107 and 108 ; 209 , 313 , 319 and one other physics course listed in this catalog at the 200 level or higher.

AP Policy: Students scoring a 5 on PHYSICS B AP test receive credit for PHY-101. Students scoring a 5 on PHYSICS C-MECH AP test receive credit for PHY 107. The Physics department recommends that students who are exempted from either PHY 101 or PHY 107 take another course in physics or another of the sciences during their first semester at W&J. Pre-health and pre-engineering students are advised not to take advanced placement credit in physics.

TEACHER CERTIFICATION: Students may seek Secondary Education (7-12) Certification in Physics by completing the Physics major and an Education minor consisting of those courses required for Secondary Education (grades 7-12) Certification.  Before being formally admitted to the program, students must satisfy-by the end of the sophomore year-the Certification Program Requirements described in the Education (Teacher Certification) section of the catalog.

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