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Associate Professors: Manzari, C. Shaughnessy (program coordinator)

Assistant Professor: Alpañés, Ternes

The Spanish major and minor programs are offered through the Department of Modern Languages. The Spanish program offers courses in language, literature, and film with a strong emphasis on the cultural aspects of Spain and Latin America. Spanish has become one of the fastest growing languages spoken by more than 300 hundred million people in 21 countries. The Spanish program at W&J seeks to develop student language proficiency, providing the students with the necessary skills to succeed in their local and global communities.

MAJOR REQUIREMENTS: Students must take six advanced (300 or 400-level) classes, three of which must be at the 400-level. In addition, students must complete a cultural requirement through study abroad in an approved semester-length program or its equivalent. For the major, students must also complete a capstone project in consultation with their major advisor. Capstone experiences may include a special project associated with a 400-level course or independent study, a language intensive internship culminating in a presentation upon return, or a special project associated with a semester length study abroad experience.

MINOR REQUIREMENTS: Students must take three advanced level classes, one of which must be at the 400 level. Students who begin in 208 or 309 are not eligible for a minor.

NOTE: Students who have completed coursework at one level may not take courses at a lower level without departmental approval.

AP Policy: Students scoring a 4 or 5 on a language AP exam receive credit for 207AP in that language.

PLACEMENT PROCEDURES: All students taking a language at W&J must complete the departmental student information questionnaire prior to enrollment. Placement is determined by Spanish faculty in accordance with departmental guidelines.

TEACHER CERTIFICATION:  Students may seek Specialty Education (grades K-12) Certification in Spanish by completing the Spanish major including SPN 260, and an Education minor consisting of those courses required for Specialty Education (grades K-12) Certification.  Before being formally admitted to the program, students must satisfy-by the end of the sophomore year-the Certification Program Requirements described in the Education (Teacher Certification) section of the catalog.

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