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Professors: Cameron, Frank (chair)

Associate Professor: Maresh

Assistant Professor: Shaw

Theatre at Washington & Jefferson College is grounded in the Liberal Arts through the study of history, literature, media, and performance -- each having an essential role in the life of a community. Theatre is an art that enables citizens to reflect upon their community; therefore, at W&J the creation, maintenance, and evolution of communities is central to study in the discipline. The major achieves this goal through interactions between and among writers, directors, designers, actors, and audiences  -- citizens all.

MISSION: With the goal of creating a complete and passionate theatre artist, the Theatre Major, in line with the Liberal Arts mission of the College, provides students with an opportunity to develop skills and knowledge that can be applied not only to a life in the theatre but also to the pursuit of other professions.

MAJOR REQUIREMENTS: Ten courses, including THR 160 , THR 152 , THR 271 , and THR 272 ; one additional introductory course from THR 181 or COM 130 ; two performance courses from THR 180 , COM 218 , THR 280 , or THR 260 ; and three advanced courses including THR 499 (required) and two of the following (one of which must be a THR course): COM 340 , THR 360 , THR 375 , THR 379 , THR 380 , THR 399 * , THR 390 , COM 381 . THR 500 , Independent Study, is also available to selected students with well-designed projects. (*THR 499 , Senior Project, is taught in conjunction with THR 399).

THEATRE CAPSTONE: THR 499, Senior Project, is the capstone experience which explores the depth of the student’s specific talents and areas of interest in theatre. Since theatre is a collaborative art, students often work together to complete their projects, which can take the form of performances, directing projects, plays or screenplays, scholarly papers, etc. It is recommended that students complete their capstone in the first semester of the senior year.

NOTE: The following can also count toward the major: COM 330 and COM 340 with permission of the Department Chair; some Intersession and topics courses; as well as ENG 215 or ENG 315.

A student majoring in Theatre may not also major in Communication Arts. Any courses applied to the Theatre major may not count toward a Communication Arts minor.

MINOR REQUIREMENTS: A total of six courses from the Theatre curriculum, at least two of which must be at the 300-level or above. Students may count no courses for their minor in Theatre toward a major or minor in Communication Arts.

Some Intersession and topics courses, as well as ENG 215 or ENG 315, count toward the major or minor.

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