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Art and Art History

Professor: Lambertson (chair), Maloney

Associate Professor: Schmidt

The Department of Art is dedicated to teaching studio art, art education, and the history of art and to advising majors in an atmosphere that encourages cooperation and independence among faculty and students. The department offers majors in studio art and art education.

MAJOR REQUIREMENTS: Both the studio art and art education majors require a total of 10 art courses. The required courses are listed below. Additional art courses must be elected from the department's other offerings.

•    STUDIO ART MAJOR REQUIREMENTS: ARH 101 , 102 , ART 108 , 112 , 361 or 362 , 363 , one 300-level ARH course, one 300- or 400-level ART course, and two 400-level ART courses. ART 400 and 425 do not count toward the studio art major.

•    ART EDUCATION MAJOR REQUIREMENTS: ARH 101 , 102 , 355 , ART 108 , 112 , 361 , 363400, one 300- or 400-level ART course, and one 400-level ART course. ART 425 does not count toward the art education major. In addition, students must complete admission procedures and required courses in education as outlined in this catalog.

CAPSTONE EXPERIENCE: In addition, as a capstone experience, departmental majors must present a Senior Art Show. During the junior year, the student's work will be screened by a committee comprised of the art faculty. A student whose work is not approved will be advised to take specific courses or to work independently to correct deficiencies. The student's work will then be reviewed and must receive committee approval before the student presents the Senior Art Show on campus.

AP Policy: The Art Department does not accept any AP Art History or AP Studio Art credits.  If a student has received a 4 or 5 on an AP Studio Art evaluation, he or she may present a portfolio of work to the department chair for consideration to waive certain pre-requisites for course work in the Art Department.

GRAPHIC DESIGN CONCENTRATION: The department collaborates with the CIS department on a graphic design concentration. Please refer to the Graphic Design catalog listing for further information on this area of study.

TEACHER CERTIFICATION: Students may seek Specialty Education (grades K-12) Certification in Art by completing the Art Education major and an Education minor consisting of those courses required for Specialty Education (grades K-12) Certification.  Before being formally admitted to the program, students must satisfy-by the end of the sophomore year-the Certification Program Requirements described in the Education (Teacher Certification) section of the catalog.

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