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Child Development and Education

Professors: Bennett, Carpenter, Cavoti (chair), Crabtree, R. Easton, Longo (chair), Wilson

Associate Professors: Klitz, McDonald

Instructors: Bunting, Day, P. Easton, Petchel, Podgurski, Wagner

Child development and education is an inter-departmental major that offers a holistic approach to how children learn, focusing on development from birth through childhood. The major combines coursework in education and psychology. The requirements have been selected to provide students with a firm grounding in developmental psychology and the principles of elementary instruction and assessment. This curriculum has been designed to prepare students with an understanding of the developmental needs and cognitive abilities of students across a broad range of situations and academic disciplines. Students majoring in Child Development and Education have the option to seek certification in the State of Pennsylvania for Early Childhood (Pre-K to 4) or Middle Level (4-8).

MAJOR REQUIREMENTS: All students must successfully complete a minimum of 13 courses in psychology and education plus a capstone experience: Psychology: PSY 101 , 102 , 225 , 265 , 275; Education: EDU 201 , 207 , 301 , 302 , 303 , 304 , 350 , and either PSY 330 (non-certification track only) or EDU 403 (either track).

CAPSTONE EXPERIENCE: EDU 406 and 407 (certification) or 408 and 409 (noncertification).

CERTIFICATION AREAS: Students seeking any teacher certification must also complete the Certification Program Requirements.  See the Education (Teacher Certification) section of the catalog for more information.

Early Childhood (PreK-4): Students seeking certification to teach at the early childhood level (PreK-4) must also take additional specific academic content courses: one English composition course such as ENG 111 or 112  and one English literature course, two math (MTH 123 and 124), history (colonial HIS 201), geography (EDU 205), PED 200, and science (two approved science courses with one as an approved lab science for certification). For more information please see Handbook for Students Seeking Certification to Teach available in the W&J Education Office.

Upper Elementary (4-8): Students majoring in Child Development and Education who wish to seek Upper Elementary (4-8) certification will also minor in a specialization area by selecting one of the following minors:

  • Minor in Biology or EVS for science grades 4-8
  • Minor in English for language arts grades 4-8
  • Minor in History for social studies grades 4-8
  • Minor in Mathematics (two options available) for math grades 4-8

See the catalog section for the appropriate discipline for the details of the minor requirements. The other option for certifying in Upper Elementary (4-8) involves majoring in a discipline and completing a selection of education courses. See the sections of the catalog for the appropriate discipline and Education (Teacher Certification) for more information about this option.

Special Education PreK-8: Students who would like to add Special Education PreK-8 to their certification in either PreK-4 or Upper Elementary (4-8) need to complete additional designated coursework in special education to qualify for “dual certification in special education PreK-8.” The required courses are EDU 221 School Law, EDU 309 Individualized Instruction, EDU 321 Diagnostic Teaching, and EDU 250 Teaching Internship (with Special Education focus). For more information please see Handbook for Students Seeking Certification to Teach available in the W&J Education Office.

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