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International Business

Professor: West (business coordinator)

Associate Professor: C. Shaughnessy (languages coordinator)

The international business major is intended to prepare students for an active role in today's world of international commerce. It combines the strengths of the Department of Economics and Business with those of the Department of Modern Languages to prepare students who will be capable of making significant contributions in the area of international business.

Coursework is combined with study abroad and/or an international internship to ensure that students will be able to participate to the fullest in the global economy of the future.

MAJOR REQUIREMENTS: ECN 101 , 102 ; ACC 211 ; BUS 300 (or 302), 301 and  307 ; MTH 225 ; one modern foreign language through 310; FRN (GER, SPN) 371; a term of study abroad or an international internship in an area where the target foreign language is the primary language spoken; and two of the following: BUS 451 , 453 , 457 , and ECN 305 . A student who completes both a term study abroad and an international internship can count the internship as one of the two required business electives.

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