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Welcome to the Chemistry Department's wiki space. The goals of the Department of Chemistry are to instill in all students an appreciation and understanding of chemistry and the methods of scientific inquiry and to develop the appropriate skills, knowledge, and personal qualities that prepare citizens to understand chemically oriented issues and that prepare students for careers in chemistry and its allied fields. 

To learn more, please click on the link for the Handbook for Chemistry Students on the left side of the screen. You may also click on the arrow next to "Handbook for Chemistry Students" to see all of the sections of the Handbook.

The chemistry faculty members are: Dr. Patricia A. Brletic, Dr. Mark F. Harris, Dr. Robbie J. Iuliucci, Dr. Michael S. Leonard, Dr. Jennifer Logan Bayline, Dr. Steven M. Malinak, Dr. Nobunaka Matsuno, Dr. Deborah A. Polvani.