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 This page created by Rachelle Tritinger. It is about the Professional Music Fraternity, Delta Omicron and the music major and minor programs at W&J.

Epsilon Zeta Chapter of Delta Omicron: ΔΟ

Image Courtesy of Delta Omicron International Music Fraternity

Delta Omicron (ΔΟ or DO) is an international professional music honors fraternity. When they were freshman, Hazel Wilson, Lorena Creamer, and Mabel Dunn founded Delta Omicron on September 6, 1909 at the Conservatory in Cincinnati. The three women agreed upon all the symbols of DO

  • The Golden Lyre is the symbol
  • The Lily of the Valley is the flower
  • Rose and grey are the colors 
  • The motto would be "Continually striving, we attain"

Here at W&J, our chapter is Epsilon Zeta (ΕΖ). We are all music majors and minors. Our chapter was founded in the Spring of 2006.  While our chapter is relatively new, we are very active on campus. Throughout the year, we participate in various fun activities like ushering at music concerts, selling Christmas ornaments, sponsering a CiCi's Pizza fundraiser, hosting karaoke, and holding a Practice-A-Thon.  For the Practice-A-Thon, we stand on a corner and play music while collecting donations. We also have Musicale's where we put on a mini concert for whomever would like to attend. In the Spring of 2008, we inducted a National Patron, Vance George. He is a Grammy winning conductor and is now an honorary member of our chapter. Being a fraternity, we also have rush and initiation.

One of the best things about our fraternity is that we are small. At first glance that may seem like a bad thing, but it allows us to support each other. We all try to attend each other's performances. Not only do we support each other in music, but we support each other at poster sessions, Honor's Convocation, and other presentations. We are a very tight knit group of students with one common passion: music.

Our chapter is a member of the Omicron Province, which is supervised by Carol Woody (

Currently, in the fall of 2010, we have 10 active members. Our officers are      

  • President: Matthew Needles
  • First Vice President: Sara Kissinger
  • Second Vice President: Shanna McDonough
  • Secretary: Bradley Class
  • Treasurer: Raelynn Forsyth
  • Historian: Steven Dukes
  • Publicity: John Buffalini
  • Director of Music Activities:
  • Warden: Greg Glowski
  • Chaplain: Emily Byers
  • Faculty Adviser: Dr. Susan Medley

Alumni of Epsilon Zeta

As our chapter was founded in 2006, we are relatively new and have few alumni.

Class of 2010: Rachel Berteotti (English Education), Amanda Hagenbuch (Biology), Ada Henigin (English), Sara Lamars (English Education), Jessica McClure (Music), Amanda Okel (Psychology), Emily Pitner (Music), Bayard Solomon (Psychology), and Rachelle Tritinger (English and  Music with a concentration in Professional Writing)

Class of 2009:Emily Andriaccio (Psychology), Charles Christiansen (Psychology), Megan Dubois (History), and Tyler West (Music, Psychology, and Biology with Pre-medical)

Class of 2008:Allison Johnson (Music), Monica Justin (History and Spanish), Ian Stalker (Music), Greg Thurman (Music and English), and Christopher Walker (Political Science with Pre-law)

Class of 2007: Christine Chilcott (English and Philosophy), Catherine Fischer (Music and Psychology), Michaela Kimbell (Mathematics and Music), Sarah Koffler (Business and Music), Kevin Leavor (Mathematics, Physics, and Music), and Heather Turner (History)

Class of 2006: Michelle Marshall (Music) and Andrew Rinefierd (History)


Delta Omicron is across the country and is divided up into small provinces. Our chapter falls into the Omicron province. It is governed by Carol Woody and consists currently of one other chapter: Delta from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Music Majors and Minors

In October, we invite all students interested in majoring and minoring in music to a mixer where the four professors of music are there

The professors talk about the areas covered in their varied classes and when the classes are offered to help students plan when to take which music classes. Most students who are music majors are double majors. Popular double majors are chemistry, Spanish, and English. Minoring in music is also an option. Many students pair music with other disciplines such as psychology, education, and history. Music can be paired with any other discipline if planned (yes, even the Pre-Health programs).

Around late February and early March, we begin recruiting prospective members. We invite anyone interested in majoring and minoring in music to numerous events and meetings where food and drink are provided.

Just DO it. It's EZ.

After last year's success with our Karaoke night, we decided to do one in 2009! November 20, our chapter of DO hosted karaoke and served the hungry students of W&J. 
While everyone was singing, dancing, and eating, a raffle was also going on. This year, the donations were plentiful and amazing!

  • 2 shirts from the W&J Bookstore          
  • 2 tickets for the Pittsburgh Pirates         
  • $25 gift certificate to Red Lobster
  • $25 gift certificate to Primanti Brothers
  • Hair Care Basket
  • Gift certificates to Panera Bread
  • Passes for the Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh
  • $25 gift certificate to Mr. Gyro's

By the end of the night, we had raised enough money to insure future karaoke fundraisers run by Delta Omicron and made a donation to WashArts in Washington, PA

Our goal after the first karaoke night was to raise more money and get as many, if not more donations. We achieved our goal. Our donations more than double and the money raised also increased!  Who knows what will happen in 2010 but the sky is the limit!

A Vocal Solo

"I'm one of the many DO graduates of the class of 2010. I joined DO as a freshman back in the Spring of 2007. Back then, music was just a side hobby to my passion: Science! However as college changed me, my interests changed from Science to Music. I changed from a Biochemistry major with emphasis in Neuroscience in the Pre-Med program with a minor in Music to a Music and English major in the Professional Writing Program.

As I changed, DO helped me realize that I can do more than just perform music. DO encouraged me to reach for the stars and I was accepted as a Public Affairs inter with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. When I went to the Tri-annual Convention, most of the alumni were not professional performers.

This is my last edit to this page which I developed in a Professional Writing Class. Soon, someone else will take over. I am writing this from my apartment in Lake Buena Vista, Florida where I'm an intern at Disney World. DO doesn't mean your life is all about music. It means music is a part of your life that when missing, nothing else can fill the hole. It also means having friends everywhere you go, as one of the young women I've met on my internship is also a DO and we have a common bond."

Based on a personal testament Summer 2010 with Rachelle Tritinger

"I've been singing for as long as I can remember- Music has ALWAYS been a part of my life. When I came to W&J, I began taking private voice lessons. Well, lessons turned to joining choir, which turned to taking music theory classes.... now I'm a Music minor.

When I first found out about DO, I was excited. Not only was it an honors society, but it was something that sounded fun and it allowed me to bond with my friends who are in the music department. My rush class was only 3 people, but it was worth it.

 My favorite memory so far has been the Practice-A-Thon. We stand on a street corner (usually Beau and Lincoln) and practice. There are occassional performances from the Camerata's and the Jazz Ensemble. But while people are playing, everyone else is "canning". We walk in the middle of the street and ask for money from people driving by. While canning, someone gave me $50 for no real reason. Another lady gave me $20 if I sang her a song. We ended up raising over $600.

We have some great plans for this year and for the coming year. I am so excited!"

Based on an interview with Amanda Okel in Winter 2008

How to Join?

Since we are a fraternity, first you need to meet our requirement and then you have to rush.

  • 3.0 GPA in music classes
  • 2.5 all around GPA
  • Formally declare a music major or minor
  • Pay the membership fee

However, you do not need a bid. Anyone who meets the requirements is allowed to join.  During fall semester, come to the Music Major and Minor Exchange. We talk about the program and DO. During spring semester, a current DO member will make an announcement during Choir, Wind Ensemble, Camerata Singers, Jazz Ensemble, and Chamber Music Ensemble. We have, usually 3 rush events. In previous years we have had:            

  • A movie night            
  • CiCi's Pizza Fundraiser    
  • Study sessions for the test (yes, there is a membership test) 
  • Game night

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