Welcome to the Title IX website, a resource on sexual misconduct for students, faculty, staff, and visitors who are part of the Washington & Jefferson College community.

What is Title IX?

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 protects people from sex discrimination in educational programs and activities at institutions that receive federal financial assistance.

The College is committed to providing an environment free from discrimination on the basis of sex. W&J provides many resources to students, faculty and staff to address concerns relating to discrimination on the basis of sex, which includes sexual misconduct.

Who can I contact with questions and concerns?
Robert Allison
Title IX Coordinator, Director of Human Resources
3rd Floor Thompson Hall
60 S. Lincoln Street
Washington, PA 15301
(724) 250-3539

When to Contact Your Title IX Coordinator
Any student, faculty or staff member, or applicant for admission or employment,  who has concerns or feels they have been subjected to sex discrimination or sexual misconduct, assault or violence is strongly encouraged to seek the assistance of the Title IX Coordinator.   
Federal and state laws prohibit retaliation against any individual who files a complaint in good faith or participates in an investigation involving alleged Title IX violations.

Complaints or allegations of sexual harassment should be immediately reported to one of the following individuals.

Title IX Coordinator:
Robert Allison
(724) 250-3539

Deputy Title IX Coordinators:
Justin Dandoy
(724) 503-1001 , Ext. 3086

Jina DeRubbo
(724) 503-1001, Ext. 3326

Sharon Taylor
(724) 503-1001, Ext. 3360

Ketwana Schoos
(724) 503-1001 , Ext. 3540

Kaley Wood
(724) 503-1001, Ext. 3012