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Below are examples of published, peer-reviewed papers from my group:

Washington & Jefferson College students are highlighted in red.  Project SEED high school students are highlighted in green.

• Leonard, M. S. "The aporhoeadane alkaloids." Archive for Organic Chemistry (ARKIVOC), 2013 (i) 1-65.

Piko, B. E.; Keegan, A. L.; Leonard, M. S. “A concise synthesis of the aporhoeadane skeleton.Tetrahedron Letters. 2011, 52(16), 1981-1982.

Carbaugh, A. D.; Vosburg, W.; Scherer, T. J.; Castillo, C. E.; Christianson, M. A.; Kostarellas, J.; Gosai, S. J.; Leonard, M. S. “A concise synthesis of substituted benzoates. Archive for Organic Chemistry (ARKIVOC), 2007 (xii) 43-54.

Tomasevich, L. L.; Kennedy, N. M.; Zitelli, S. M.; Hull, R. T., II; Gillen, C. R.; Lam, S. K.; Baker, N. J.; Rohanna, J. C.; Conley, J. M.; Guerra, M. L.; Starr, M. L.; Sever, J. B.; Carroll, P. J.; Leonard, M. S. “Ninhydrin as a building block for yohimbanones, β-carbolines, and oxyprotoberberines." Tetrahedron Letters. 2007, 48(4), 599-602.

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