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Today's war on crime has reached a new level of complexity. Criminal networks are using more sophisticated methods to commit and cover up their crimes. It is not unusual for these networks to be global, and combatting this global scourge requires workers with technical skill, an understanding of criminal psychology, solid communication skills and superior education.

Numerous W&J alumni work in local law enforcement and for Federal law enforcement agencies. 

Students who want to pursue a career in law enforcement, corrections, criminal psychology, homeland security or any other area of the justice system might take the following courses: 

POL 111

Processes of American Government

FYS 199

Hot Buttons in Ethics

PSY 235

Theories of Personality

PSY 326

Psychology and the Law

SOC 223

Juvenile Justice

SOC 224


SOC 226

Sociology of Deviant Behavior

SOC 323


SOC 336

Sociology of Law

ECN 319

Economic Analysis of Law

ELE 007

Mind, Brain, Behavior