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Page: Acceptable Use Policy
Washington & Jefferson College Acceptable Use Policy for Technology Resources The technology resources at Washington & Jefferson College will be used by students, faculty, administrators, and staff for the express purpose of enhancing and supporting the e
Page: Add public Calendar to Calendar list
Open up Outlook and click on the folder icon on the bottom left of the screen   Left-Click on the Plus signs to the left of Public Folders, then All Public Folders and on subfolders until you see the public calendar you wish to view.  Left-Click on the Pl
Page: Adding an IMAP folder and moving mail
Login to your email Click on New folder in the top left corner Enter the folder name and click Add Select the messages you want to move (you can either hold shift to select a range or hold down crtl to select individual ones) Click on the Move/Copy button
Page: Adding Diacritical Marks for Foreign Languages
References Microsoft article;en-us;306560 SUMMARY This step-by-step guide describes how to use the United States-International keyboard layout in Windows XP. With the United States-International layout, yo
Page: Adding New Members to Your Sakai Site
To add new members to a Sakai site, please follow the screenshots below.  In order to do this, you must have Instructor or Maintain privileges for the Sakai site to which you wish to add members. 1. Log into Sakai and Access the site to which you wish to
Page: Adding Personal Folders
1.  Open outlook and go to Tools -> E-mail Accounts... and then click View or change existing E-mail accounts 2.  Click on New Outlook Data File...   3.  Name the PST File and click ok. 4.   A personal folder will show up in your list.      
Page: Adding Tools to a Course
To add tools (such as the Test and Quizzes tool, the assignment tool, the dropbox tool, etc), please follow this series of screenshots: Screenshots for Adding Tools to your Sakai Course or Project Site
Page: Adobe CS3
Acrobat Professional 8 Dreamweaver CS3 Flash CS3 Professional Illustrator CS3 InDesign CS3 Photoshop CS3 FreeHand MX Creating a PDF Other Resources: Creating Student Posters
Page: Am I eligible for registration?
1.  Log in to WebAdvisor.  From the WebAdvisor Main Menu, click on the bar for Students. 2.  Under the Academic Profile area, select My Profile. 3.  To determine eligibility for registration, verify that there is nothing listed under "Reg Restrictions" an
Page: Audacity
Overview What is it?      Audacity is an easy-to-use, open source audio editing software program that is available as a free download. Versions are available for desktop computers that run the Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems. Audacity has a varie
Page: Autofill
Autofill is a function of Excel that allows a pattern of cells to be repeated to fill the desired amount of cells or columns. For example, this function could be utilized when creating a numbered list, letters, dates, days of the week as well as an even o


Page: Backing up files in Microsoft Outlook
Outlook 2010: Click on File, Options, Advanced.  Click on the Export button on the right. From here, you can follow steps 3 through 5 below. For Outlook 2003: In order to create a backup file for a folder in Microsoft Outlook: 1.  Open Microsoft Outlook a
Page: Burnett Center 107
The Burnett Center Lab The Burnett Center lab is located in room 107 on the first floor of The Burnett Center near the main entrance. It has 21 Windows PCs. The Burnett Center lab also has a projector, VCR, and DVD player for general classroom use. Monday
Page: Business French
Faculty Dr. Katrine Pflanze  Class Business French 320 Project Description A part of their final project the Business French students connected with marketing professionals at the Heinz Division in Paris, France to discuss business and marketing of new pr


Page: Campus Computers
Open Access Computers Technology Center 103 Burnett Center 107 Library Digital Classroom Old Main Room E   Departmental Labs The following departments also have computers for special use.  Please contact each department for access. Modern Languages Inform
Page: Campus Printing
Campus Printing Instructions Map a network printer (Windows 7) Campus Printing Locations ITS supports printers in the following locations. Technology Center 103 Burnett Center 107 Library Digital Classroom
Page: Campus Software
PC Software Request Form Administrative Software Datatel WebAdvisor Datatel Colleague Resource 25 Sakai ID Cards Confluence Wiki WJ Blogs E-mail Documentation (Outlook, etc.) Common Software loaded on Campus Windows Machines Microsoft Office iTunes Firefo
Page: Cannot read Office 2007 files
To open Microsoft Office Word 2007 .docx or .docm files with Microsoft Office Word 2003, Word 2002, or Word 2000, you need to install the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for 2007 Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint File Formats and any necessary Office
Page: Cell Phones
Cell Phone Settings When setting up cell phones to receive W&J email here are the basic settings. Mail Server (Staff and faculty): Staff and faculty use exchange Students
Page: Change password from email
Open a browser (e.g. MS Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome) Go to  (or, click on Faculty/Staff in the toolbar, and choose Email Login) Log into your email account. Click on the Gear in the upper ri
Page: Changing Permissions in Confluence
First log in to confluence and go the space where you want to change permissions. Then click on the tab that says Space Admin. Then click on permissions on the left side of the screen.   From here you can add users and change their permissions Permission
Page: Changing your W&J Password for your Blackberry
You must change your W&J password for your Blackberry by logging into the Blackberry Internet Service Web site For Verizon customers visit: For AT&T customers visit:
Page: Charles R. Watts III
Title: Network Manager  Job Description: Main Responsibilities: Contact Information: Phone - 724-503-1001 ext. 6518 Email -
Page: Chris Teagarden
I am the User Services Coordinator. My primary job duty is to coordinate and manage multimedia requests on campus.  I am also responsible for hiring and scheduling lab monitors and helpdesk student workers. My office is located in the Technology Center, R
Page: Classroom Responders (Clickers) Checkout
W&J's ITS Department offers classroom responders checkout for faculty and staff members. To request a set of classroom responders for short term checkout, please complete the checkout form located here: Classroom Responders Checkout Form. Details: W&J's I
Page: Claudia B. Sweger
Official Title: Technical Services Manager Job Description: Claudia will help any faculty or staff user on campus who is having difficulty with his or her computer(s) or printer(s). Calling the Helpdesk (ext 6022) with any computer or printer related prob
Page: Clinic Materials Available Online
Antivirus             Avast Boot Disks    Miscellaneous                  Mozilla Firefox              Mozilla Thunderbird Office Updates             Service Packs Anti-Spyware/Malware             Ad-Aware    
Page: Comment Box
Page: Computer Replacement Policy
The Office of Information Technology Services maintains a computer replacement program that focuses on placing new computing and technology resources in academic areas on a regular schedule. These areas include general computing labs, classrooms, and facu
Page: Confluence Wiki
  Overview What is it?  Wikis are Web pages that can be viewed and modified by anyone with a Web browser and Internet access. Described as a composition system, a discussion medium, and a repository, wikis support asynchronous communication and group coll
Page: Connect to SSL VPN
The following instructions work in all web browsers with only one exception, Google Chrome is not currently supported. If you have not been given VPN access, then you will need to contact the Helpdesk to use the SSL VPN. Once you have followed these instr
Page: Connecting to Wireless using a Mac (Airport)
This is a short tutorial to explain how to connect to the Washington and Jefferson wireless network using the built in Airport available in the current generation of Macs. 1)  First, just select the Airport icon up on the right side of the Finder Bar. 2) 
Page: Continuously Loop Powerpoint Presentation
Select the slideshow menu and click "set up show" Next, under "show options" check "loop continuously until 'Esc'" Click ok
Page: Convert VHS to DVD
See attached document
Page: Copying Materials Between Sakai Sites
To copy materials from one Sakai site to another, please follow the screenshots below.  An example of when you would use this would be to copy the reading materials from they FYS Instructor's Site to your individual FYS section site for your students to r
Page: Course(s) are not showing up on Blackboard
Issue: Course(s) are not showing up on Blackboard. Solution: Blackboard enrollments are processed a few days before the start of each semester (Aug 31st for Fall 2007 Semester).  If students register late or drop/add courses during this time period these
Page: Create Student Posters
The officially supported manner for preparing posters for student poster sessions is through the use of Adobe InDesign.  A guide for creating posters using Adobe InDesign is available below.   Please follow the instructions precisely when converting your
Page: Creating a New Project Site
This screenshot walkthrough will show you how to create a new project site within Sakai.  Project sites are almost the same as course sites within Sakai and can be used in many situations including to collaborate with your peers, to host a web presence fo
Page: Creating a PDF
All of the public use computers on campus have Microsoft© Office 2013 installed, which has a built-in "save as" function.  When saving an Excel, Word, or PowerPoint document, simply choose File, Save As and pick "Save As Pdf" from the drop-down list: All
Page: Crisis in Sudan
Faculty Dr. Robert East, Dr. Stuart Miller, Dr. Zheya Gai Class Sociology, Political Science and Environmental Studies Project Description In October 2004, three W&J classes participated in a videoconference with member of the Global Nomad Group (GNG). Th
Page: Cyberattacks ITL
Faculty Dr. Amanda Holland-Minkley Class ITL 233 Cyberattacks Project Description Cyberattacks is an intersession class that introduces students to problems in computer security through hands-on investigation of various exploits and the methods for protec


Page: Daniel Faulk
Title: Director of Information & Technology Services Contact Information: Daniel Faulk Washington & Jefferson College 60 South Lincoln Street Washington, PA 15301 Office: Technology Center Room 116 Phone: 724-223-6022 or campus ext. 6022 Email: dfaulk@was
Page: Darlene K. Tragone
Title Secretary Job Description Answer Helpdesk inquiries. Identify and report on request trends. Monitor and maintain various IT systems and processes relating to the College's general operations including, but not limited to, technology facility and res
Page: Data Protection Guidelines
Data Protection Guidelines Sensitive computer data is defined as names, addresses, social security numbers, any identifying bio-demographic information, institutional financial data, family financial data commonly found in financial aid applications and s
Page: Datatel Colleague
Datatel Colleague is a software system designed specifically for higher education. Colleague includes the Core, Financial, Human Resource, and the Student applications. Colleague users are found in every administrative office. Colleague also includes the
Page: Datatel WebAdvisor
WebAdvisor provides many on-line features of Colleague to include course registration for students, grading for faculty and various HR functions for college employees. General WebAdvisor Troubleshooting   WebAdvisor for Students Using Preferred Sections A
Page: Delegates
Begin by opening Outlook, then go to Tools>Options: Next Select the "Delegates" tab: Then click "Add. . ." Select the user you wish to allow delegation in the "Type Name or Select from List:" by typing their First and Last name, then highlight the name in
Page: Delicious
Overview  What Is It? is an online bookmark manager, otherwise known as a "social bookmarking" site. Registered users can add sites to their personal collection of links and share those links with others. Sites you add can be categorized with
Page: DEUSI Instructions (public)
The Colleague DEUSI delivery process is ever changing and we seek your feedback in making this as useful as possible. Datatel releases software updates for Colleague on a continuous basis, which requires us to be continually downloading, reviewing, and in
Page: Digital Audio Recorders
Page: Digital Media Card Reader
Page: Digital Still Cameras
We have several digital still cameras available for checkout to faculty and staff. Nikon  Coolpix S50 Canon Powershot SD750 Canon Powershot SD751
Page: Digital Video Cameras
We have several digital video cameras available for checkout to faculty and staff. JVC Everio GZ-MG255U (2)
Page: Digital Video ITL
Faculty Dr. Sam Fee Class ITL 365 Digital Film Project Description During Intersession, students in Sam Fee's ITL 365 Digital Film class developed 20 minute short films. These were works of beginning storytelling, as well as exercises in technical develop
Page: Disabling Webclips
W&J's Google-hosted JayMail system is a Google Apps for Education solution.  As such, all ads, which Google refers to as "sponsored links", are disabled in all Google Apps services (including JayMail) that belong to W&J College.  You will still see web cl
Page: Document Cameras
Document Cameras Available (click the model number to download the user manual): Elmo TT-12 Samsung SDP-860
Page: DVD Commentary
Faculty Dr. Mark Swift Class Music 221 Project Description Dr. Mark Swift taught Music 221: Music in Theater using an avant garde, experimental learning process for students this term. Rather than teaching in a typical class lecture and discussion style,
Page: DVD Players
Magnavox DVD Player - Model NO. DP100MW8 (2) The Magnavox DVD Player delivers the convenience of multi-format playback, as well as an S-video connection for better looking movies. UL Listed, FCC/DHHS Certificated. DVD Progressive Scan Video Out Plays: DVD


Page: E-mail Documentation (Outlook, etc.)
This page is for general Outlook and E-Mail questions. Outlook Signatures Delegates Exchange Permission levels Open Shared Calendar Rules and Alerts Setting up an Exchange Account (Faculty/Staff system) Setting up an Exchange Account (Outlook 2007) (Facul
Page: Email
Login to your Email Faculty and Staff Email Web Access (exchange system) Faculty and Staff Email Web Access Student Email Web Access Email Documentation Outlook and E-Mail Solutions
Page: Embedding Video Clips in PowerPoint
First, navigate to the page that you wish to insert the video clip into. Next, from the "insert" menu, scroll over "Movies and Sounds" and Click "Movie from File..." Navigate to the location of the video clip, select it and click ok. Finally, select wheth
Page: Emilie Gilbreath
Title: Systems Analyst/Programmer Contact Information: Office Phone: 724-503-1001
Page: Enable Looping in Powerpoint
Select the slideshow menu and click "set up show" Next, under "show options" check "loop continuously until 'Esc'" Click ok
Page: End-of-Semester Printing Survival Guide
The end of spring semester is a particularly busy time for printers on campus as theses, final papers, final projects, and poster projects come due. Here are a few tips to help you make those deadlines and get the most out of printing services on campus:
Page: Enrolling a user into a Blackboard course site
Students usually are automatically enrolled in Blackboard course sites a few days before classes start via information from Webadvisor.  Follow these directions if a student can't access their course after the start of the semester.  Consult *Course(s) ar
Page: Equipment Damage Guidelines and Procedures
Information and Technology Services supports media, network and computer equipment in many locations across Campus, including computer labs and classroom lecterns.  Equipment damages occurring in these locations that result from employee negligence may be
Page: Equipment Maintenance Guidelines and Procedures
ITS is responsible for routine maintenance and repair of College owned equipment, including equipment that is assigned to employees.  ITS will assess the operational state and value of problematic equipment to determine if a repair is feasible and cost ef
Page: Excel
How to Set Up .CSV Files to Always Open with Excel
Page: Exchange Permission levels
Role Permissions Owner Create Read Modify Delete all items and files Create subfolders Change Permissions (All rights in the folder) Publishing Editor Create Read Modify Delete all items and files Create subfolders Editor Create Read Modify Delete all ite
Page: Express registration
1. Log in to WebAdvisor. Click on the Students menu bar.   2. Click on the "Register for Sections" option.   3. Click on the "Express registration" link.   4. On the "Express registration" screen you can enter any of the following: Synonym only, OR Subjec


Page: Facebook
Overview What Is It? Facebook is a social networking site that allows users to: Create a profile detailing affiliations and interests Post pictures and other media Find and contact others with similar affiliations and interests Expand a personal social ne
Page: Faculty & Staff Webspace
Accessing Windows Find the shortcut on your desktop called webspace. If you don't have a shortcut, go to My Computer > W drive. If you can't find the W drive in My Computer, go to Start > Run and type \\\shares\webspace\staff Macintosh Go to G
Page: Faculty and Staff iPad Checkout
W&J's ITS Department offers short term iPad checkout for faculty and staff members. To request an iPad for short term checkout, please complete the iPad checkout form located here: Faculty/Staff iPad Checkout Form. Details: W&J's ITS Department currently
Page: Format Painter
Format painter is used when you want to change the formatting of the text (bold, underline, font type, font size, etc.) without manually choosing all the font options . This is very useful if you are working in an existing document and want everything to
Page: Forward WandJ email to another account (Faculty and Staff)
The Helpdesk has received several requests for forwarding W&J email to non-W&J email providers (i.e. Yahoo, Gmail, etc).  We are providing the below instructions to assist W&J employees with performing this function; however, please be advised, the risk o
Page: Forwarding Student Gmail to Another Account
Here are some helpful hints when backing up your JayMail data:Moving JayMail to another email account (Look at the “Escaping from Gmail” section of the page) mail from different accounts with Mail Fetche
Page: Freshman Forum
Faculty Linda Troost Class Freshman Forum Project Description Dr. Linda Troost's Freshman Forum class recently produced digital video adaptations on MacBeth. For this assignment, students were given the choice of doing a PowerPoint presentation or creatin
Page: Full-Time employees
Full-Time employees are normally given access to a personal computer.  Please consult your supervisor for more information. If you are experiencing issues with your college-owned computer hardware, please contact the Helpdesk.


Page: GarageBand Productions
Faculty Dr. Mark Swift Class Music 295 Project Description MUS 295 Composition: Sound Design introduced the basic elements of musical composition to students with no music background, using computers as tools for manipulating and layering sound. They used
Page: German
Faculty Dr. Mike Shaughnessy and Jason Parkhill Class Pilot Project  Project Description A pilot project for culturally authentic license-free imagery for the German language. The Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon (CAPL) was created in 2003 by Michae
Page: Gliffy
Overview What is it?   Gliffy makes it simple to organize your thoughts and share them with family, colleagues, and organizations. When you take your ideas and organize them visually, it's easier for you and others to really understand them. Plus, you can
Page: Google Earth
Overview  What Is It? is a virtual globe browser that superimposes satellite imagery onto the earth.  Users can annotate the globe with text, pictures, movies, placemarks and superimposed images to share data that involves location. Key characteristics of
Page: Google Maps
Overview   is not just for directions!  There are now simple ways to share information and images created by marking up a map.  What Is It?   Google Maps is an online mapping application that facilitates locating places, measuring distances, and creating
Page: Grouping Your Students in Sections in a Sakai Course Site
To consolidate multiple Sakai course sites, into a single Sakai site, first please complete this form: Once you have completed this form, someone from ITS will contact you once the consolidati


Page: Headers, Footers, Footnotes, and Endnotes
To add a Footnote or endnote:* Move the cursor where you want the footnote to be. On the Insert menu, point to Reference, and then click Footnote. Click Footnotes or Endnotes. By default, Word places footnotes at the end of each page and endnotes at the e
Page: HelpDesk Contact Information
ITS Helpdesk   724-223-6022 ITS has a new on-line support service. We recommend you check our new ITS Knowledge Base for relevant troubleshooting information. Hours 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.- Monday - Friday Student Technicians are also
Page: How to change your W&J password
W&J's Password Policy Please click here to see W&J's password policy.  This link includes helpful information about how to change your password and what notices you will receive regarding when your password needs to be changed. Windows Login to any campus
Page: How to remove an incorrect email address from Auto-Complete in Outlook
Click on "New" message. In the "To" box, start to type in the recipient's address. When you see the incorrect address appear, use the up or down arrow key to highlight it, and then press the Delete key on the keyboard or click on the X at the end of that
Page: How to remove an incorrect email address from Auto-Complete in Webmail
In Webmail (Outlook Web Access Light), click "New Message." In the "Most Recent Recipients" list, use the up or down arrow key to highlight it, and then press the Delete key on the keyboard. In Webmail (Outlook Web Access full version), when you are in Ma
Page: How to Set Up .CSV Files to Always Open with Excel
If the file is received via e-mail: save the file to your PC's desktop by right click and drag the attachment onto the desktop Click on COPY HERE Click the YES button to replace the existing file, if necessary Once the file is on the desktop:  Right click


Page: I can't login to Blackboard - my password is not working
Issue: I can't login to Blackboard - my password is not working. Could not login. Valid authentication credentials were not provided. This means they are not using the correct password. An error occurred while the system was processing this login request.
Page: ID Cards
Building Access Q. I can't get into my residence hall. A. Call Protection Services at 6032 or 723-223-6032 for assistance. ID Card Swiping Q. When I swipe my card for a meal, I am told that I have no more meals. A. Keep in mind that meal exchange in Georg
Page: Ideas
Teaching Examples from W&J Faculty Blog Faculty Path to Zuni John Mark Scott Travels to China Patrick Caffrey, Zheya Gai     Cyberattacks Faculty ITL Amanda Holland-Minkley     Digital Video Faculty ITL Sam Fee Public Speaking Anthony Fleury Physics Mike
Page: Images for Fall 2009
Below are the proposed images for each of the classrooms with computers that are maintained by ITS for the Fall 2009 semester. Buildings Tech Center Classrooms Burnett Classrooms Old Main Classrooms Library Digital Classroom Notes on Software Packages Ado
Page: Images for Fall 2010
The proposed image for the following campus lab computers: Technology Center: 103 Open Lab, 103A, 118 GLU, 204 Emphasis Rm, 214, 218, 221, and 222 Burnett: All classroom lectern PCs and Burnett 107 PCs Swanson: All classroom lectern PCs and Swanson 204 PC
Page: Images for Fall 2011
The proposed image for the following campus lab computers: Technology Center: 103 Open Lab, 103A, 118 GLU, 204 Emphasis Rm, 214, 218, 221, and 222 Burnett: All classroom lectern PCs and Burnett 107 PCs Swanson: All classroom lectern PCs and Swanson 204 PC
Page: Images for Fall 2012
The proposed image for the following campus lab computers: Technology Center: 103 Open Lab, 103A, 204 Emphasis Rm, 214, 218, 221, and 222 Burnett: All classroom lectern PCs and Burnett 107 PCs Swanson: All classroom lectern PCs and Swanson 204 PCs Library
Page: Images for Fall 2013
The proposed image for the following campus lab computers: Technology Center: 103 Open Lab, 103A, 204 Emphasis Rm, 214, 218, 221, and 222 Burnett: All classroom lectern PCs and Burnett 107 PCs Swanson: All classroom lectern PCs and Swanson 204 PCs Library
Page: Images for Fall 2014
The software listings below for PCs and Macs are the listing of software installed on the base image that is available in all of the listed locations. For software that is only installed in limited locations please scroll to the bottom of this page for th
Page: Images for Intersession/Spring 2013
The proposed image for the following campus lab computers: Technology Center: 103 Open Lab, 103A, 204 Emphasis Rm, 214, 218, 221, and 222 Burnett: All classroom lectern PCs and Burnett 107 PCs Swanson: All classroom lectern PCs and Swanson 204 PCs Library
Page: Images for Intersession/Spring 2014
The proposed image for the following campus lab computers: Technology Center: 103 Open Lab, 103A, 204 Emphasis Rm, 214, 218, 221, and 222 Burnett: All classroom lectern PCs and Burnett 107 PCs Swanson: All classroom lectern PCs and Swanson 204 PCs Library
Page: Images for Spring 2009
Below are the final images for each of the classrooms with computers that are maintained by ITS. Buildings Tech Center Classrooms Burnett Classrooms Old Main Classrooms Library Digital Classroom Notes on Software Packages Adobe CS3 includes the following:
Page: Images for Spring 2011
The proposed image for the following campus lab computers: Technology Center: 103 Open Lab, 103A, 118 GLU, 204 Emphasis Rm, 214, 218, 221, and 222 Burnett: All classroom lectern PCs and Burnett 107 PCs Swanson: All classroom lectern PCs and Swanson 204 PC
Page: Images for Spring 2012
The proposed image for the following campus lab computers: Technology Center: 103 Open Lab, 103A, 204 Emphasis Rm, 214, 218, 221, and 222 Burnett: All classroom lectern PCs and Burnett 107 PCs Swanson: All classroom lectern PCs and Swanson 204 PCs Library
Page: iMovie
Overview What is it?  iMovie is a digital video editing software program for Macintosh that is available as part of Apple's iLife suite. With iMovie, you can import video from several sources (such as a miniDV tape, VHS recording or DVD) or record directl
Page: Importing Material from Previous Courses into a Course Site
Sakai makes it easy to import your material from previous courses into a new course site.  Please follow the below screenshots. 1. Access the new course into which you wish to import materials. 2. Once in the new course, click the "Site Info" link in the
Page: Info about Various Techs
Survey I have created a survey for faculty to assess your technology and technology training needs.  I will use the results of this survey to assist me with prioritizing training and technology introduction and acquisition over the next year.  You may com
Page: Insert Sound Clip in PowerPoint
First, advance to the slide that you wish to add the sound clip to. Next, from the "insert" menu go to "Movies and Sounds" then click "Sound from File..." Navegate to the location of the sound clip, select it and click "Ok" Finally, select whether the sou
Page: Insert Video Clip in Powerpoint
First, navigate to the page that you wish to insert the video clip into. Next, from the "insert" menu, scroll over "Movies and Sounds" and Click "Movie from File..." Disclaimer: This document is provided for your assistance, and represents the best practi
Page: Internet Security
Introduction W&J's ITS department will never ask you to provide your password by email or on a webform that is not part of our domain (meaning it ends in something other than Legitimate emails originating from businesses and financial insti
Page: IT Systems and Services
  WebAdvisor: viewing paystubs, add Jay Cash, etc  Informer: Colleague reports, custom views, etc (NOTE: must be on-campus or connected via VPN)  Room Scheduler: reserve rooms using R25  Sakai: learning management system  Qualtrics Survey Software: create
Page: ITS Policies and Procedures
Acceptable Use Policy Password Policy Computer Replacement Policy Terms of Service Agreement Data Protection Guidelines Equipment Maintenance Guidelines and Procedures Equipment Damage Guidelines and Procedures Mobile Device Support Guidelines and Procedu
Page: ITS Student Worker Information
Student HelpDesk Technician Student IT Lab Monitor
Page: iTunes
Overview What is it?  iTunes is a free software product of Apple Inc. that is at once a multimedia library, a podcast subscription tool and a management tool for Apple iPod equipment. It is available for download from Apple for Macintosh and Windows. Thro


Page: Jason M. Pergola
Title: Enterprise Systems Manager Contact Information: Office Phone: 724-503-1001 ext. 3026 Email:
Page: Jeanene Jones
  Title: Network Systems Analyst Job Description The Network Systems Analyst assists with planning, designing, implementing and maintaining enterprise network services and security to insure a continuous operational environment for all users of the Colleg
Page: Job Description
Student Helpdesk Technician (Reports to: ITS Staff) Duties:        Assist ITS Staff Answer Helpdesk calls; troubleshoot and resolve problems Provide user support via telephone, e-mail, and direct interaction Remain well versed in computing trends on campu



Page: Lab Job Description
IT Student Lab Monitor (Reports to: User Services Coordinator) Duties:         Manage the computer lab Perform general cleanup of assigned area, including cleaning the computer area, pushing in chairs and disposal of waste Maintain the lab printers, inclu
Page: LCD Projectors
Information Technology Services maintains a limited number of portable projectors for use by faculty and staff in rooms without media projection.    Toshiba LCD Projector Model TLP680U (2) Toshiba LCD Projector Model TLP560 (2)
Page: Library Digital Classroom
Library Digital Classroom The Library Digital Classroom lab is located on the lower level of the U. Grant Miller Library. It has 25 Windows PCs and a projector. Library Hours


Page: Map a network printer (Windows 7)
Click Start, then select Devices and Printers.  Click Add a printer (see Figure 1). Figure 1   Click Add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth, then click Next (see Figure 2). Figure 2   Click The printer that I want isn't listed, then click Next (see Figure
Page: Mary M. Williams
  Mary Williams     Title: Systems Analyst/Programmer, Administrative Computing Main Responsibilities: Datatel programming and support, several auxiliary enterprise servers, Web/SQL programming and other duties as assigned.... Contact Information: Mary M.
Page: Mashups
What Is It? A web application that combines data from two or more sources and creates something altogether new or different with those sources. At their most basic, mashups take data from a source and filter it through another source or application. For a
Page: Math Placement Exam Instructions
Instructions for taking your Math Placement Exam 1.    Open the Firefox Internet Browser. 2.    Navigate to 3.    In the Quicklinks bar, select W&J Sakai. 4.    Log into Sakai in the upper right hand corner using the same account informat
Page: Media Request Procedure
ITS maintains an inventory of small media and computing equipment suitable for portable use.  This equipment is intended for academic and business related purposes.  The equipment pool includes portable media projectors, notebook computers, set-up tables,
Page: Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office Issues This page is to help resolve issues with programs in the Microsoft Office suite. (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) Office Applications Outlook
Page: Mike Timko
Title: Associate Director for Administrative Computing Job Description Responsible for end user support of Datatel administrative software systems, along with other members of the team Provide direct support to Business Office and Student Life end users i
Home page: Miner Docs
 Welcome to the ITS On-Line Support Center ITS is in the process of transitioning to a new on-line support service. We recommend you check our new ITS Knowledge Base for relevant troubleshooting information as we transition our on-line services. New to W&
Page: Miner Docs Index Page Alternate
Page: Mobile Device Support Guidelines and Procedures
Mobile Device Guidelines and Procedures Mobile Device Support For the purpose of this procedure, “mobile devices” refers to cell phones, smart phones, iPads, tablets, eReaders, notebook and laptop computers, and other devices of this type which have the a
Page: Moodle
Moodle at Washington & Jefferson As technologies improve and new software becomes available, Academic Technology regularly examines and evaluates new and existing software packages.  In the spring of 2006 W&J began a pilot program of Moodle with a limited
Page: Multiple Answers per Row Checkboxes
Page: Multiple Choice Checkboxes
Page: My Budget (public)
WebAdvisor 3 Budget Reporting To access MY BUDGET: Log in to WebAdvisor and click on the Employees or Faculty link to navigate to the appropriate page.  Once there you will see the Budgeting section. You may select either one to access your budget. For a


Page: Network Connection Instructions
To connect to the internet open your web browser and try to go to any website. A registration page will load and you will need to add your W&J username and password.  Wait 10 minutes and restart and your connection will be active. NOTE:  You will need to
Page: Network Connectivity
How to connect your personal computer/entertainment device Knowledge Base Articles on Registration of Technology Devices Residence Halls Off campus/VPN Mapping A Network Drive (Windows) Mapping A Network Drive (MAC OSX) Gaming Systems   Campus Wired Netwo
Page: New to W&J
New to W&J for Faculty and Staff New to W&J for Students Campus Map
Page: New to W&J for Faculty and Staff
Welcome to The Office of Information & Technology Services at Washington & Jefferson College. IT Services is available to assist you with your academic and administrative technology needs. Every faculty and staff member receives an account on the W&J netw
Page: New to W&J for Students
How do I get help with computer and technology problems at W&J? The Helpdesk will help you with technology problems you encounter at W&J. Click here for ways to contact the ITS Helpdesk. You may also visit the Helpdesk in room 121 of the Technology Center


Page: Off Campus - VPN
A virtual private network (VPN) connection establishes a connection between a computer off campus and our W&J network. When working from off campus several services will only work if you have established a VPN connection. Such services include: using libr
Page: Old Main Room E
Old Main, Room E Lab The computer lab in Old Main's Room E lab has 11 Windows PCs available as well as one laser printer and a projector. Except for classes, the hours are as follows: Monday - Friday: 7:00 a.m. - 12:00 midnight Saturday - Sunday: 2:00 p.m
Page: Online Gaming Support Procedure
Online Gaming Support and Procedure Online gaming is permitted and supported on the wired Campus network.  This network has been configured to the specifications recommended by Microsoft and Sony.  Updated specifications for gaming purposes that are relea
Page: Online Stores
Office of Information and Technology Services - Academic Discounts on Software and Technology As a service that we provide for W&J College's students, faculty, and staff, the Office of Information and Technology Services has setup this site to provide you
Page: Open Shared Calendar
This tutorial will demonstrate how to open a shared calendar in Outlook 2010. Open Outlook 2010. Select the "Calendar" button on the lower left side, and then Right-Click "Shared Calendars" and Left-Click "Add Calendar," then Left-Click "Open Shared Calen
Page: Out of Office Assistant
Out Of Office Assistant is useful for when you would like people who are sending you emails to know when you are on vacation and unable to answer emails. It is very easy to set up and provides the benefit of not having to leave people out of the loop. Fir
Page: Out of Office Assistant in Webmail
For Outlook: 1. Click on "Tools" and then "Out of Office Assistant" 2. Click "I am Currently Out of the Office" 3. In the "AutoReply only once to each sender with the following text "box, type the message that you want to send while you are out of the off
Page: Outlook Web Access F.A.Q
Outlook Web Access (OWA) is the new system we use on the website to access faculty or staff e-mail under the new Exchange server.  Table of Contents   I. Normal OWA vs. Light OWA  II. Is there a shortcut to access OWA? III. How do I get my contacts/addres


Page: Password Policy
The W&J user ID and password combination is required for access to all W&J network services including network log on, email, WebAdvisor, VPN and most administrative and academic systems. The W&J password policy is intended to protect user accounts from un
Page: Path to Zuni
Faculty Dr. John Mark Scott Class ELE 219 Path to Zuni and Trails Beyond Project Description Students traveled to the southwest united states for three weeks this term to experience life on the zuni reservation. Links Zuni blog
Page: PC Software Requests
To request Software for your PC, please contact the ITS Helpdesk. Use the software request category Instructions for finding your computer name. Your computer name is necessary for us to install software for you. 1.  To find your computer name click on st
Page: Phones & Voicemail
Accessing Voicemail Visit the W&J ITS Knowledge Base for helpful articles on setting up and using your voicemail: W&J ITS Knowledge Base Voicemail Phones Visit the W&J ITS Knowledge Base for helpful articles on setting up and using your W&J issued desk ph
Page: Photoshop
Overview What is it?  Adobe's Photoshop is one of the most popular image-editing applications for professionals, available for both Macintosh and Windows. Images are imported from a scanner or opened from an existing file. They can then be cropped, color
Page: Physics
Faculty Dr. Mike Pettersen Class Physics Project Description Dr. Mike Pettersen and his students developed some innovative ways for digital video in a physics course. The students took short digital movies and imported it into Video Point software to illu
Page: Picasa
Overview What is it? Picasa is a free software download from Google that allows you to easily manage digital images on your computer and share them through email, print and the web. Picasa is available for Windows XP/2000/Vista and Linux. Picasa allows th
Page: Portable AM-FM Stereo with Cassette Player and CD Player
Sony CD Radio Cassette-Corder  Product Features Compact Digital-tuning AM-FM CD Cassette Large LCD Display Bass-reflex speaker system Mega-bass bass booster Technical Details Width: 14.2 inches Depth: 9.3 inches Height: 5.6 inches Weight: 6.2 pounds Tuner
Page: Posting Your Syllabus to a Course
Please follow the steps below to post your syllabus to a course in Sakai. 1.  Log into Sakai and go to the course into which you would like to post your syllabus. 2. Press the "Syllabus" Tool link in the left hand navigation bar. 3. Press the "Create/Edit
Page: Powerpoint
Page: Presentation Remotes
Page: Projector Screens
Da-Lite Portable Projector Screens (2)
Page: Projector Stands
Page: Public Speaking
Faculty Dr. Anthony Fleury Class Public Speaking COM 216 Project Description While digital video seems to be a natural fit to any Communication course, Anthony Fleury has incorporated digital video seamlessly as an example of modeling in his Public Speaki
Page: Publishing Your Courses so They Are Viewable by Your Students
When new course sites are created in Sakai, they are automatically setup as not published.  This is done be design to allow you to edit the courses prior to your students seeing the courses as being finished. To publish your course sites so your students



Page: R25 Training
A PowerPoint presentation is attached below for using the R25 campus scheduler to schedule a meeting.  This attached PowerPoint is the same material used for the campus R25 trainings. Using R25 for Faculty and Staff Presentation
Page: Reports
Academic Technology often assesses the use and impact of technology on the W&J campus.  Blackboard (coming soon) Moodle pilot (coming soon)
Page: Resource 25
Resource25 is an event scheduling software system from Collegenet, Inc. It became available in mid-October 2008 for campus users who wish to schedule events that occur on January 1, 2009, or afterward. Room Scheduler Not sure how to use the Room Scheduler
Page: Restoring your Deleted Items Folder
Login to your email Click on Preferences Under Delete options select Move to deleted folder Click Save
Page: Rules and Alerts
1. Select "Tools" and then "Rules and Alerts" 2. Select "Start from a blank rule". Choose "Check messages when they arrive" and click "Next" 3. You can then select any number of filtering devices such as filtering any mail with a specific word in the subj


Page: Sakai
We have a project site available on our instance of Sakai that provides detailed tutorials for using common and advanced features of Sakai.  That site is the W&J Sakai Coordination Site and can be found under your Active Sites tab.  If you don't have acce
Page: Sakai Message Tool
Page: Sakai Training Schedule
Sakai Training for Spring 2011 Below is the faculty training schedule for Sakai for Spring 2011.  If you would like to register for one of the sessions, please contact Mike Camden at ext 3045 or via email at with the date and time for
Page: Search and register for sections
1.  Log in to WebAdvisor.  Click on the Students menu bar. 2.  Click on the "Register for Sections" link.  3.  Click on the "Search and register for sections" link.  4.  Enter your search criteria on the Search for Sections screen. Keep in mind that the m
Page: Setting up an Exchange Account
This short tutorial demonstrates how to successfully set up an Exchange account using Outlook 2003. 1) The email account is set up in "Mail" which is inside the Control Panel. This is done by going to Start, then Control Panel. Once in the Control Panel,
Page: Setting up an Exchange Account (Outlook 2007)
This guide is for Office Outlook 2007 -only-. If You use Office Outlook 2003, this guide will not work. If you do not know or are unsure which program you use, then you most likely use Office 2003. The guide for Office 2003 is Here First, go into the Star
Page: Setting up an IMAP Account - Off Campus
In order to Set up an E-mail account in Outlook (Off Campus) Open Outlook, and go to Tools, Email Accounts... When you see the window appear, Confirm that the "Add a new e-mail account button is selected and click Next. Select the "IMAP" button and click
Page: Setting up an IMAP Account - On Campus
In order to Set up an E-mail account in Outlook (On Campus) Open Outlook, and go to Tools, Email Accounts... When you see the window appear, Confirm that the "Add a new e-mail account button is selected and click Next. Select the "IMAP" button and click N
Page: Settings for Student JayMail account for mobile devices
In some of the documentation below, Google makes reference to entering settings with "". You will need to use instead of when setting up your mail for another application/device. Blackberry iP
Page: Shakespeare
Faculty Dr. Annette Drew-Bear Class English Shakespeare Project Description After studying the Twelfth Night, the English 315 students connected with a director from the Globe who worked on productions of the Twelfth Night and Much Ado About Nothing. This
Page: Share Calendar
This is a tutorial for how to share a calendar in Outlook 2003. 1) Upon starting Outlook, click on the "Calendar" button in the lower left side, and then select "Share My Calendar" 2) After selecting "Share My Calendar," a box will pop up. It will allow e
Page: Signatures
Click on tools, and then on the options selection. Then Click on the Mail Format Tab. Next, at the bottom Where it says "Signatures", click on the Signatures button, as highlighted above. When the following Window appears, Click on the "new" button. Name
Page: Slide Master
1. Click "View" then "Master" then "Slide Master" 2. You can then make changes to the Master Slide that will be used as a template for all slides in your current presentation. 3. When you are finished making changes and formatting your Master Slide, click
Page: Staff Information
  Daniel Faulk Mike Camden Ryan DePretis Maryann Franco Emilie Gilbreath Jeanene Jones Jyoti Pandit Jason M. Pergola Christine Shoup Claudia B. Sweger Chris Teagarden Mike Timko Charles R. Watts III Mary M. Williams   Technology Center Directory.doc  
Page: Starboard
This page will provide information for faculty interested in using the Starboard Interactive Display found in Old Main rooms 206 and 301. Starboard Hardware User Manual StarBoard Software Quick Start Guide Starboard Software In-Depth Training Guide Online
Page: Step-by-Step Video Conference System Tutorial
Tandberg System IP address: ISDN: 7242252010 Directions: Touch the Crestron monitor and select Video Conference Mode.  A message will read "System is starting.  Please wait..." You should now see both the Plasma TVs and the main screen disp
Page: Student Computer Recommendations
  All computers on the W&J campus are loaded with Microsoft Office.  If you need to purchase a copy, Office 365 University is an option. Office 365 is a 4-year subscription
Page: Student Computers
Student Computer Recommendations
Page: Student Helpdesk Technician
Job Description Student HelpDesk Technician Handbook
Page: Student HelpDesk Technician Handbook
The purpose of this Student HelpDesk Technician Handbook is to encourage an environment where our technicians can work with a sense of motivation and satisfaction.  A friendly and professional environment is developed when every technician agrees to abide
Page: Student Helpdesk Technician Schedule
Student Helpdesk Technician / Student Technician Schedules Spring 2014 (Updated 1-30-2014)                                           Sunday   Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday 8:00-8:30               Nicole           Nicole         8:30-9:0
Page: Student IT Lab Monitor
Job Description
Page: Student IT Lab Monitor Schedule
Computer Lab Assistant Schedule Spring 2014 (Updated 3-11-2014)                                         Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday   TEK 103 BUR 107 TEK 103 BUR 107 LDC TEK 103 BUR 107 LDC TEK 103 BUR 107 LDC TEK 103 BUR 107
Page: Subscribing to an IMAP Folder
All you need to do, is right click on your IMAP drive, not any other folders, and select IMAP folders.... Then Click on the Query Button, Select a folder and select Subscribe. You may also have to refresh the folder list by right clicking on your mail and


Page: Table of Contents
A table of contents can be applied to any document that follows an outline format with a hierarchy of headings/subheadings (which Word refers to as Levels with 1 being the highest). Take for example, the HIPAA policy PDF, available on the HR webpage under
Page: Teaching Technology
Resources Tools & Resources to Use ITS Services for Faculty Labs Educational Discounts on computer and software purchasing Office Visits Academic Technology has attempted to provide much information on our web site so that faculty can "self serve," but we
Page: Technology Center 103
Technology Center 103 Open Lab The Technology Center Lab is located on the first floor on the right as you enter through the main entrance.  It is an open lab setting with 39 Windows PCs and 8 Macs. Monday - Sunday: 24 Hours
Page: Terms of Service Agreement
  Information & Technology Services Responsibilities Information and Technology Services is responsible for providing the highest quality of service, efficiently and effectively, while considering the needs of the total user community.  At times the proce
Page: The messaging interface has returned an unknown error
Go to the print menu for a calendar. Click on page setup. Uncheck the Taskpad, and Notes area. This should fix the problem
Page: The UID of a message changed unexpectedly
Issue: The UID of a message changed unexpectedly. This typically indicates a server bug. Your program may not function properly after this. Solution: Have the user close outlook, not minimize, and restart outlook. This problem occurs when you try to acces
Page: Theatre History
Faculty Dr. Karin Maresh Class Theatre History Project Description The Theatre History class connected with a scholar at the Globe Theater to discuss, Othello. When asked about the benefit of the conference, Dr. Maresh commented "Overall the videoconferen
Page: Time Out Issues with Student Email
Table of Contents Introduction In recent weeks a number of students have reported that the email system will time out while they are attempting to compose a message.  ITS has been in touch with Ipswitch, the manufacturer of the email software, to resolve
Page: Tools & Resources to Use
Sakai Guides Using Track Changes in Word to Grade Using the Starboard interactive display in Old Main 206 and 301 Faculty and Staff iPad Checkout Classroom Responders (Clickers) Checkout
Page: Transferring your contacts or address book into the new system
under construction This guide is for two main purposes; To assist in moving people's address book from Microsoft Outlook Express into EITHER the web-based Outlook Web Access OR the program-based Office Outlook 2003.  If you have switched from another prog
Page: Travels to China
Faculty Dr. Patrick Caffrey and Dr. Zheya Gai Class HIS 200 and POL 250 Project Description Students traveled to China during the three week Intersession course. To read the students personal web entries, visit the China blog listed below. Links China blo
Page: True or False
Page: Twitter
Overview  What Is It? Twitter is a minimal social networking site that allows users to send updates to friends or people called "followers" who choose to read your posts by answering the question, "What are you doing?" in no more than 140 characters. Post


Page: Upcoming Events
Information Technology Events at W&J ITS Training Calendar Local Technology Events   National Technology Events
Page: Username not found in the registry. Please contact your system administrator
Issue: Username not found in the registry. Please contact your system administrator Symptom: Unable to log into WebAdvisor Solution: 1. Username is case-sensitive. We create usernames with all lower-case letters. Verify that the user is using all lower-ca
Page: Using Gmail to Check Your WashJeff Email (Students)
Gmail allows for users to check multiple emails from one location.  These instructions will detail setting up your gmail account to receive and send mail from your student account. If you do not already have a gmail account, please go to http
Page: Using Images
General Tips for Using Images in an Educational Setting* Most images are copyrighted (meaning they are owned by someone else). Material that has been copyrighted may still be used either through a license or Fair Use. Sometimes you, your institution, orga
Page: Using Preferred Sections
Students can add course sections to their Preferred Sections list using one of two "Register for Sections" links: Search and register for sections - Use this option if you would like to look for sections, add them to your preferred list of sections and th
Page: Using Track Changes in Word to Grade
Microsoft Office includes built-in Review functions that can assist a faculty member in electronically grading student work, eliminating the need to print the work, thereby saving consumable resources. On their Education Website, Microsoft provides detail
Page: Using Word 2003 styles in Word 2007
When using Word 2007, the default 'Normal Style' may appear to be broken. It adds extra spaces before and after paragraphs and uses a font called Calibri in place of the default Times New Roman. The result for many students may be that their format does n


Page: Video Cassette Recorders
Sony - Model SLV-N77 JVC - Model HR-S3600U
Page: Viewing Courses that Don't Appear in Your Courses Tab in Sakai
Our instance of Sakai is different from Blackboard because we don't delete your courses each semester as we needed to do because of storage with Blackboard.  While this has many advantages for faculty (namely you always have access to previously taught co


Page: W&J Logo
Logos may be printed in solid black or two color as shown below. The approved horizontal logos: horizontal horizontal The approved vertical logos: vertical vertical High-resolution logos (JPEG format) may be downloaded by clicking on thumbnail logos. The
Page: Web 2.0?
The term "Web 2.0" refers to new web-based applications and/or networks that share certain characteristics. Most Web 2.0 applications aren't downloaded to a user's private computer, but instead they're used directly on the web; users can update content an
Page: Web Advisor
If a ticket is created for Administrative Computing the following questions and answers must be included in the ticket. General Helpdesk Questions: 1.      When did it work last? 2.      Has it ever worked on this computer? 3.      Are you attempting to c
Page: Web Advisor keeps making me re-type my username and password on every page
Issue: Web Advisor keeps making me re-type my username and password on every page Symptom: Web Advisor keeps making me re-type my username and password on every page Solution: This problem could be caused by the system clock on the user's PC being wrong (
Page: Western Music
Faculty Dr. Susan Woodard Class History of Western Music Project Description In February 2004, the History of Western Music II class participated in a videoconference about the music of Vivaldi with John Harrison, professor and classical chamber musician.
Page: What happens to my JayMail account when I graduate?
When you graduate your JayMail account will be deleted.  There will be several emails sent to you before this process happens. Your app pages will also be deleted but you can transfer ownership of them to another gmail account if you want to do so. Transf
Page: Will the documents I create in Google Apps work in Microsoft Office?
Yes your documents will work in Microsoft Office. From the google docs space just click on share and email as attachment. Attach the item as Microsoft Word and email it to youself.  It will arrive as a .doc.
Page: Wireless Sync iPhone to Exchange
This page is for setting up a W&J E-mail Account on your iPhone. Please keep in mind that iPhones are not a supported device for our e-mail system and thus we can neither guarantee nor provide technical support for ensuring that they connect to our e-mail
Page: Wireless Sync Windows Mobile PDA to Exchange
This will only work for employees. Students will have a different setup The advantage to syncing a Windows Mobile PDA to Exchange is the benefit of having email, calendar, contacts, and tasks synced up with the server. This allows updates to be transferre
Page: WJ Blogs
  Blogs @ W&J    W&J provides  blogging software for use by Faculty, Staff and Students. is a WordPress mu powered site. WordPress mu is a multi user version of the WordPress blogging software. WordPress mu allows us to host multiple
Page: Word
Page: World Music
Faculty Dr. Mark Swift Class World Music Project Description In September 2003, Dr. Mark Swifts World Music class participated in W&J's first video conference. His class connected with the Acimevu Ensemble, a Ghana Drum and Dance group based Madison Wisco



Page: Your IMAP server wishes to alert you to the following Invalid credentials (Failure)
If you receive this error message go to the following site and do the CAPTCHA. This should solve the problem
Page: YouTube
Overview  is a website for sharing user-generated video. Registered users can upload video files, comment on and rate videos and interact with other users through YouTube's community tools. Users can create a video "response" to a video for ongoing dialog



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