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The W&J user ID and password combination is required for access to all W&J network services including network log on, email, WebAdvisor, VPN and most administrative and academic systems. The W&J password policy is intended to protect user accounts from unauthorized access. This policy applies to all W&J network account holders.

Account holders are required to change their network password every six months. The password may be changed in advance of the six month expiration time frame to ensure the account holder's service is uninterrupted. Passwords must be changed from an on-campus computer.

Passwords are always considered private and confidential and should be protected at all times. All account holders are responsible for protecting and maintaining their own network password, and the password for any other accounts they are assigned. The following guidelines are strongly recommended.

  • A password must be at least eight characters in length. Passwords may be longer, and should include at least one alphabetic and one numeric character.
  • Symbols and special characters such as !, @, #, $, /, and % can also be used to improve the security strength of the password. If you are a user of Ellucian Colleague, please DO NOT use special characters in your password other than those listed - other special characters are not compatible with Colleague and will cause you to not be able to log into the service.
  • New passwords should be significantly different from previous passwords.
  • Never use your username, any part of your name, or any other obvious identifying characteristic like initials, birth date, telephone number, street address, social security or ID number, license plate number, name of a family member, pet, etc...
  • Never write down your password or divulge it to anyone including coworkers and supervisors.

For added security, passwords can be changed more frequently than the required six month interval. Passwords should always conform to the above standards. If you suspect your password has been compromised you should immediately change it, and then notify the ITS Helpdesk.

Once you are on the campus password policy, when it is time to change your password you will automatically receive pop-up notifications (on Windows PCs and on Macs running OSX 10.7 Lion or higher) 14 days prior to the day your old password expires reminding you to change your password whenever you log into a campus computer connected to the washjeff domain.  What is meant by "campus computer" is any W&J owned computer that requires you to log into the washjeff domain when you log in (i.e. W&J owned computers issued to faculty and staff, lecterns and lab computers that are part of the campus image , etc). Links to complete instructions for changing your password once you receive these notices (or any time earlier if you desire) are provided below:

On-line instructions for changing your password are available. If you have any questions in regard to this process please contact the HelpDesk

Instructions for changing your password from off-campus can be found here

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