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Washington & Jefferson College provides data network and Internet service to its students expressly for academic purposes. Access to the W&J data network, resources and Internet link is a privilege. While using W&J network resources, students will adhere to Washington & Jefferson College's "Acceptable Use Policy for Technology Resources" both in spirit and practice. Students should be aware that:

  • Any security problem discovered on the W&J network is to be reported to Information and Technology Services immediately.
  • All network users are responsible for protecting their password; you will be held responsible for any malicious action caused through use of your account as a result of negligence.
  • You should be aware that Information and Technology Services is not responsible for personally owned computers. The Department's Helpdesk services will assist users with network connection setup but will not attempt to resolve other hardware or software problems that are either conflicting with or unrelated to network setup.

Use of the College network and its resources indicates acceptance of this Terms of Service Agreement. All network users agree to observe these terms in spirit and practice under penalty of termination of their network privileges, disciplinary action, and legal consequences.

  • None