This wiki provides information about many on-campus and off-campus opportunities at Washington & Jefferson College written by students for students.  Necessary disclaimer -- we don't represent our college or any of the outside organizations we wrote about!  We do represent a student perspective on college life (keep in mind though -- these wiki pages were created as a class project, so they may not include everything). The pages are updated only periodically, so you may want to check official sources or linked sites to verify that the details provided are still accurate.  

About This Wiki

This wiki was created by six different Professional Writing classes: Introduction to Professional Writing (English 201: Spring 2008, Fall 2008, Fall 2010), Advanced Professional Writing (English 301: Fall 2007, Fall 2009), and Advanced Composition (English 200: Spring 2007). This is a multi-semester collaborative project completed by many students working independently and in groups.

Our Mission

Our goal is to inform students and prospective students of the opportunities and experiences on the W & J campus, and to encourage you to participate. Use this wiki to explore many of the options available to you as W & J students — and get involved! 

Why a wiki? Why "wikidub"?

Many people are familiar with Wikipedia, which allows users to both read and edit content. Our wiki does not allow public editing -- so why not just create a website? The answer is that wiki technology proved to be the best and easiest way for so many writers to collaborate on a shared project (or so our professor tells us). We decided to call it "wikidub" as a reference to our college nickname, W & J.

On-campus Activities

Choose from the pages below to see a description, personal narrative from someone involved, and information on how to get started.

Fun Off Campus: In Washington and Abroad


Follow this link to discover a variety of paths that can help you find various academic and extra-curricular opportunities to fit your personality and interests.


We would like to thank Matt Gardzina, Gigi Wiltanger, and Mike Camden, who provided technical support and advice. We would also like to thank the students, staff, faculty, and members of the community who provided information and interviews for this project.