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  • Class of 2011


Nikki Lu 
(Franklin Award Recipient)
Major: Political Science
Internship: Legal assistant with Attorney Noah Geary, Pittsburgh, PA

Mr. Geary is a revered civil and criminal defense attorney in the greater Pittsburgh area. He has two offices, one located in downtown Washington, PA and one located in downtown Pittsburgh. However, his work place is not limited to either office. I have in fact gone beyond the scope of the typical legal intern and gained substantial and invaluable knowledge along the way about the legal field and legal processes. Rather than sitting in an office all day, sorting through thousands of legal documents and filing them in the appropriate places—I attended and prepared for trials. I observed preliminary hearings and I traveled with Mr. Geary to numerous mediations, consultations, and depositions in Green County, Washington County, Allegheny County and Fayette County. To provide an accurate reflection of my summer internship I can say this: the last summer of my undergraduate career could not have been more of a success.


Nathan Harmotto 
(Franklin Award Recipient)
Major: Mathematics
Internship: Pediatric Dentistry Summer Internship with W&J Alumnus, Dr. Scott Leaf '76, Burke, Virginia

The internship was an incredible experience! I spent the summer of 2010 working with Dr. Leaf. I honestly could not have had a better experience in the field of Dentistry. I did a tremendous amount of hands-on work including cleanings, sealants, developing X-rays, assisting in the OR, etc. This internship absolutely confirmed my career directions.


Sara Blankenship 
(Franklin Award Recipient)
Major: Biology
Internship: UMDF - United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation, Pittsburgh, PA

My internship was a great experience. I was able to work on real projects, and I enjoyed seeing how the UMDF and non-profits in general provides support and services to members. My interest in disorders and my desire to become a genetic counselor drew me to the Foundation.