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  • Class of 2012


Gina D'Aveni
(Franklin Award Recipient)
Major: Business Administration
Internship: Digitas, Chicago, IL

I had the most wonderful experience at Digitas in Chicago! I was able to create and manage ads seen on the Internet for my client. I worked closely with Google, Bing, and Yahoo, to make sure that the ads seen on search engines were running efficiently.

Brett Axner
(Franklin Award Recipient)
Major: Business Administration
Internship: Sokolin Wine Merchants, Bridgehampton, NY

The Magellan Project and the Franklin Internship Award provided me with a tremendous opportunity.  I was able to participate in an internship with Sokolin Wine Merchants.  I cannot put a price on the experiences I had, the things I learned, and the connections I made.  Researching fabulous wines and generating purchase orders were just a couple of my daily assignments.  Any W&J student who does not take advantage of the Magellan Project is missing out. The possibilities are endless! 

Stephen Dukes
(Franklin Award Recipient)
Major: Music and Political Science
Internship: Harry Fox Agency, New York, New York

I spent ten weeks in New York City working as a Data Management and Digital Licensing intern for the Harry Fox Agency. The work I did included ingestion of song data, establishing relations with publishers, and conducting research that was published in Billboard Magazine. None of my accomplishments this summer would have been possible without the support I received from family, friends, the W&J community, and the Magellan Project.