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Thank you for your interest in W&J. We use Handshake, which is the ultimate career network and recruiting platform for college students and young alumni. With 700+ U.S. universities, 14 million students and alumni, and 300,000 employers (including all Fortune 500 companies), Handshake is designed to transform the college-to-career journey for students, recruiters, and career centers.

Please click the link to register:

W&J Handshake

Any employer who wants to post full-time or part-time jobs, internships, seasonal, or freelance jobs is eligible to register with us. All employer registrations will first pass through the Office of Career Services for approval. Once registered, you'll appreciate the user-friendly features of Handshake and this innovative means of connecting with W&J students.

Please let us know if you have any question please email or call at 724-229-5126.