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  • Magellan - Franklin Internship Award


The purpose of the Magellan – Franklin award is to help make possible a hands-on internship. An internship can help students gain both skills and a sharper perspective on potential careers.

Please carefully read the following rules and regulations before submitting your Part 1 application. If you have any questions, contact .

  • First years, sophomores, and juniors are eligible to apply, and all applicants must have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA to be considered for Magellan funding.
  • Students must also be in good financial and disciplinary standing with the College.
  • Magellan internship experiences occur in the summer and last 4-12 weeks.
  • They can be domestic or international; paid or unpaid.
  • Magellan funding does not cover fees/tuition charged by a third-party organization providing an internship experience.
    • Note on the meaning of ‘third party’:  The spirit of the Magellan program is is foster independence and growth.  A Franklin eligible internship will be provided by an employer/organization without charging students money to work there. Contrary to the mission of Magellan, organizations/groups charging to obtain experience are ineligible for Franklin funding.
  • Locations with heightened warnings per the U.S. Department of State may not be considered for funding (particularly countries listed at Level 3 & 4 travel advisories). It is recommended to have an alternative location planned in the event the country you wish to travel to be no longer deemed safe for student travel. Visit:   for travel information and safety at your proposed location

All Magellan projects are meant to empower students to take responsibility for their own experience. Magellan Franklin recipients will be required to write a reflective report regarding the impact of their experience career direction. These reports will be shared with your Academic Advisor and reviewed by the Magellan Franklin Advisor prior to receiving your final installment.

Your internship should connect your academic pursuits with your career goals. Expect to explain this link in the Part 2 application.

The Magellan Project is an individual- , corporate- , and foundation-funded initiative, and each award reflects the merits of the project with respect to duration, location, and connection to career aspirations. Students also are expected to invest in themselves, so there is a required personal contribution (amount to be determined by each student depending on internship expenses and personal financial circumstances).

Visit the to learn more, including information about the application process and deadlines