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Career Planning

Successful career planning is an ongoing process that starts on "day one" of your freshman year and continues throughout your college years. The Office of Career Services offers you help with each stage of your career development, providing resources and guidance to help make your career planning a success. This four-year overview of activities will serve as a list of the milestones that you should achieve each year at W&J.

Assessment Tools

The Office of Career Services believes that the results of the various assessment tools we offer will provide you with a useful framework for your reflections on your career/major direction, based on your answers to various questions.

We offer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), which determines your personality type; the COPS (Career Occupational Preference System), which is designed to help you in defining the kinds of work you are interested in doing; and the Life Values Inventory (LVI), which is designed to help you clarify and prioritize your values and serve as a blueprint for future decision making.

There are some important things to remember when completing the assessment tools including:

* This is not "magic" and is not an attempt to measure "how good" you are at a particular task or "how smart" you will be in a career field. These tools will be capturing a "snapshot" of your personality type, interests and values.
* It is important to remember these tools are not measuring any personality pathologies or mental illness….so have some fun with the process. This "snapshot" (or description of you) can be linked to career satisfaction.
* This is very important as you make choices about your major and career.

Contact Career Services at 724-229-5126 or to schedule an appointment.

Learn About:

Job Search Resources

(booklets available in our office or click below for PDF version):

Be sure to watch for announcements regarding our programs, where you can learn what Career Services has to offer students and the Etiquette Dinner. This dinner program, open to all, is for you to learn about business and dining etiquette, while having an excellent meal.  Additional programs throughout the year include workshops on resume writing, interviewing skills, networking, mock interviews, getting the most from a job fair, and our transition program for graduation seniors.

W&J graduates include scientists, entrepreneurs, lawyers, civic officials, educators, artists, scholars, physicians, musicians, businesspeople, inventors, public officials, writers, researchers, and many other kinds of professionals.  Employers of recent graduates include 84 Lumber, Deloitte & Touche, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, KPMG, Merck, PPG Industries, United Parcel Service, US Steel Corporation, and Washington & Jefferson College.

W&J graduates have also attended the following graduate schools: Carnegie Mellon University, Case Western Reserve University, Dickinson Law School, Georgetown University, International University of Moscow, Princeton University, Stanford University, Syracuse University, University of Chicago, University of Michigan, University of Pittsburgh, University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, and Washington and Lee University to name a few. 

Graduate School

If you are thinking about going to graduate school, you might consider the following:

• To go or not to go?  A big question! You will need an advanced degree if you plan to become a lawyer, counseling psychologist or a physician; an M.B.A. may be needed for advancement in certain business climates. Research, research, research! Check out the links listed below to help with your decision.

• Should you go right away or delay graduate school? If your chosen career requires an advanced degree, and you are in the right mindset for more schooling immediately, the answer may be "yes." But if having some real-world experience under your belt is a better fit for you, and you need the additional funds to finance an advanced degree, delaying may be the right thing to do. The third possibliity is working during the day and attending school at night. This is especially appealing if your employer helps with the cost of graduate school.

•  Watch for our "Understanding the Graduate School Admission Process and Writing an Effective Personal Statement" presentation in the fall, featuring W&J faculty members. Click on the following links for information regarding graduate and professional school links.