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Plan Ahead

We will always do our best to assist you quickly. So that we can give you the attention you deserve, please submit your requests with as much advance notice as possible. All projects are individual and require different lead times, but the guidelines below can help.

If you aren’t sure how much time you’ll need to develop something—or think you’ve missed the window of opportunity—don’t worry. Just contact Erik Rueter, Director of Communications, via email.

No Advance Notice Needed

  • Breaking news

  • Simple web page updates (just changing a few words on a page)

  • Social media posts (if appropriate for our goals and if text, link, and image are readily available)

2 Weeks in Advance

  • Email blasts and campaigns

  • Online event invitations

1 Month in Advance

  • Photography/Videography

  • Social media (paid posts or event promotion)

  • Story for campus news

  • Web page updates (new single page or changes to a few existing pages without significant redesign)

2 Months or more in Advance

  • Advertising

  • Communications planning

  • Web jobs (new web section with several pages to existing site)

  • Multi-component projects (more than one type of deliverable)

  • Pitching ideas to the media

  • Print projects

Request Forms

Request Form


Event Photography Request

Complete this form if you need photography for an event or function at the College.

Print/Graphics Project Request

Complete this form if you need a brochure, postcard, or similar product created.

PR or Social Media Request

If you have a story or article idea or an event that needs publicity on the College's social media pages or website, please fill out this form.

Strategic Marketing Initiative Request

Do you have a project involving ad campaigns or other communications initiatives?  Complete this form.

Video Project Request Form

Complete this form if you need to document an event in video or would like a video created for YouTube, campus monitors, or other video outlet.

Web Content Change Request

Fill out this form if you need content changed on the website or if you found a typo, broken link or image, or grammatical errors.

Web Development Request

Complete this form if you would like a sub-site, micro-site, or web development.

Still don't know what kind of form you should fill out?  See our How To... page for help!

Special Forms