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At the ELI we strive to make every moment in the classroom matter, so your attendance in essential to your success as a student. Students must maintain a 90% attendance rate. Lower than 90% means the automatic grade of NO PASS in the course and placement on Academic Probation.

What is an absence? 

  • If you are late to class by more than 20 minutes it constitutes 1 Absence
  • If you are late between 0-20 minutes to class twice constitutes 1 Absence

Health Related Absences

Your health and well-being are of utmost important to your success as a student! If you are absent due to illness or injury, you need to go to the doctor and get a note excusing you from classes. We will not count this time missed against your absence rate if you bring in a doctor’s note.

  • If you are sick please contact the Student Health Services located in the New Residential Hall on the ground floor, (724) 223-6047.


Progression of Dismissal for Attendance related issues

  • The ELI will send you a warning letter if you miss more that 2 of any given class.
  • The ELI will issue a second letter of warning if your attendance falls below to the 90% required by the ELI and you will be placed on academic probation. 
  • If you are placed on Academic Probation you need to meet with professors and the Director of the Program.
  • If you fail to attend courses after begin placed on academic probation it will result in your I-20 being terminated and you would then be out of F-1 Visa status and you will be required to immediately leave the U.S. 
  • F-1 students who miss 80% of enrollment hours required for SEVP compliance in any term are immediately dismissed.