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Creative Writing

The Wooden Tooth Review is a campus publication featuring writing by students.  Students can submit different types of writing and art which is reviewed by a student editorial staff, and overseen by the faculty advisor Dr. Andrew Mulvania.  The Wooden Tooth Review gives students a chance to display their creative writing in a unique journal compiled with other student writers which leaves them feeling a greater sense of accomplishment.  The journal features exceptional photography, thought-provoking poetry, and creative fiction that combines innovative ideas with familiar themes expressed in diverse ways.  The Wooden Tooth Review, produced yearly, provides students with a great opportunity to show their family, as well as prospective employers, a glimpse of their writing in a student literary journal.  There are guidelines for student submissions which include: 

                                                 Poetry- no more than 10 pages, and a maximum of 7 poem

                                                 Fiction- no more than 15 pages, and a maximum of 3 short stories  

                                                 Art-  digital photograph, specify media (i.e. pottery, sculpture, etc.)

Submissions can be sent to  The Wooden Tooth Review meets each fall to discuss how the journal works, to organize panels, and to select editors.  All students are welcome and encouraged to join and/or make submissions to the journal.  The Wooden Tooth Review has an office located in the Barista next to the WNJR Radio Station.                      

A recent volume of The Wooden Tooth Review, Volume 8, included writings and digital art photography from 13 students.  Volume 8 included 24 poems about many different things such as life, love, rain, rocking chairs, and religion to name a few.  One of the most amusing pieces of work in Volume 8 is an adaptation of Dylan Thomas' "Do Not Go Gentle Into that Good Night" which was rewritten and renamed by a student as "Do Not Go Gentle Into that Jedi Fight."  Volume 8 also included 7 short stories ranging in content.  The digital art photography is included in the middle section of the journal.  The most recent volume of the journal included photographs of many different things including a cave, flowers, a waterfall, a street lamp, birds, a Bermuda sunset, a Paris street, and the fountain in front of the Bellagio in Las Vegas plus many more.  Student submissions can also be made anonymously if you would feel more comfortable not having your name attached to your work.  Contributors to Volume 8 of the journal ranged in backgrounds and majors from English to History to Cell and Molecular Biology to name a few. 

Words Outside of the Page...

On Thursday, May 3, 2007 contributors to The Wooden Tooth Review showcased their work at a first-time event at The Inspiration Cafe, 243 Main Street, Washington, PA.  Sandee Umbach, owner of The Inspiration Cafe, along with Dr. Mulvania set up a reading of the journal to expose it, not only to the college community, but also to the public.  Contributors to the 2007 journal read some of their pieces. The venue was great because it had a literary, coffeehouse feel, a stage, and comfortable chairs.   The event was well attended by faculty members, students and even some parents.  The event was advertised on the W&J homepage under Events, and Mrs. Umbach helped get the word out to the public by advertising the event online and on the door to the cafe.  Sandee Umbach is also a prize winning poet, and the director of the Washington Community Arts and Cultural Center.  Her experience makes the bond between community poetry and college poetry even stronger.   


The Wooden Tooth Review is the literary face for our college community, and the reading at The Inspiration Cafe helped to show that face to others.  Also, it gave the writers a greater sense of accomplishment because it brought their words to life outside of the pages of the journal.  The writers had a real audience at this event which was a great way to really showcase their talent.  The reading was also beneficial because it helped build a new relationship between the college and the community through creative writing.  There are still copies of The Wooden Tooth Review available at The Inspiration Cafe.       

Letter From the Editor:

Based on Interview conducted November 6, 2007 with Erin Faulk, Editor, The Wooden Tooth Review

The Wooden Tooth Review is the student literary journal of Washington & Jefferson College. The works that appear in the journal are written entirely by students, from every year of college, from nearly every major on campus. We have a faculty advisor (currently Dr. Mulvania,, but he is there mainly to guide us through the production process.  If you are a writer or artist we'd love for you to submit your work.  We accept submissions in the areas of short fiction, poetry and art.  You can email your submissions to The Wooden Tooth Review by January 31, 2008 at  An increase in entries equals a larger and more diverse pool of submissions, which in turn, creates a better journal. 

We will start reviewing submissions early spring semester.  First, the submissions are reviewed by the panelists, who report to section editors which submissions are possible candidates for publication. Then they are reviewed by the section editors, who choose which ones will more than likely appear in the journal.  There are three section editors, one each for poetry, fiction, and art.  Ultimately, the final decisions are made by the editor-in-chief.    


On May 3, 2007 we held a reading at The Inspiration Cafe.  The authors of published works in the 2007 journal read their pieces. The reading at The Inspiration Cafe was a first-time event, but we would love to make it a tradition. Sandee Umbach, owner of the Inspiration Cafe, was happy to provide us with the venue, and the event was a great way for us to get the journal out to the public - the public on and off campus, whereas in past years the journal had only been distributed to the campus community.  The journal is always free, and if you go to the Inspiration Cafe now, you can grab a copy of the 2006 and 2007 journals. 

How do I get started??

  • If you are a writer, or if you want to be a writer send your submissions to                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
  • If you want to be a panelist all you have to do is show up to a Wooden Tooth Review meeting.  Don't know where or when?  Email Dr. Andrew Mulvania, faculty advisor of The Wooden Tooth Review, at !writer3.jpg|thumbnail,align=right!, and he will add you to the listserv so you can find out who, what, when, where, and why. 
  •  If you want to be an editor you can attend the meeting in the fall to join in the elections.
  • Questions, comments, ideas?  Dr. Andrew Mulvania would love to hear from you!
  • Look for a website for The Wooden Tooth Review coming soon!

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