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Formal Sorority recruitment takes place in the Spring term each year.  All women are eligible to join a sorority after completing one semester at W&J and earning a GPA that meets the requirement of the chapter they wish to join.

GPA Requirements for each chapter are:

  • Delta Gamma: 2.50 cumulative GPA
  • Kappa Alpha Theta: 2.90 cumulative GPA
  • Kappa Kappa Gamma: 2.70 cumulative GPA
  • Pi Beta Phi: 2.50 cumulative GPA.

(GPA requirements vary for each chapter, but no student may join a sorority if her cumulative GPA is below a 2.50) new transfers are welcome.

Formal Recruitment will take place on February 4th-8th 2015

Day #1 February 4, 2015 Information Session
The first night of recruitment is an information session. You will meet your Recruitment Counselors and learn a little more about Formal Recruitment, expectations, schedule of events and the 4 sororities at W&J.

Day #2 - February 5, 2015 Philanthropy Night
You will attend all 4 sororities for 30 minutes each during this round. The sororities will focus on their philanthropic (charity) events and you will perform a craft with them to donate to their philanthropy.

Day #3 - February 6, 2015 Sisterhood Night
You will attend up to 3 sororities for 45 minutes each during this round. The sororities will focus on the bonds of sisterhood that their members share.

Day #4 - February 7, 2015 Preference Night
This night is a very special occasion. You will attend up to 2 sororities for 1 hour each during this round. The sorority members will share a ceremony and why their sorority is special to them. At the end of this night, you will choose which sororities you attended that you are willing to accept an invitation of membership from (a BID!)

Day #5 - February 8, 2015 BID DAY!
Today, you will pick up your bid! More information will be discussed during recruitment week with your Rho Gamma (Recruitment Counselor). You will spend the day with your new sorority sisters and there will be plenty of photo opps! We hope you enjoy this whole experience and have a wonderful recruitment!

*Attendance is required for each night, however excuses may be sent to at least 24 hours in advance for class, athletic or work schedules that prevent participation. In case of emergency, call the Fraternity & Sorority Life Office at 724-229-5140 to be excused for the evening. We will do our best to ensure that all students who submit excuses have the chance to remain active in the sorority recruitment process.

Disclaimer: All recruitment events must be alcohol-free, including Bid Day activities!