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Application Process

The application process to study off-campus is two-fold: students first apply to the Office of Study Abroad for permission to study off-campus; they then apply (through the Office of Study Abroad) for admission into a particular program. Students must submit both the W&J application and the relevant program application. Contact us for guidance.

Study Abroad Application Deadline for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 abroad: March 1, 2021 

Access the Application for Off-Campus Study and read the Off-Campus Study Checklist & Guidelines.

Application & Selection Process

We endeavor to support students through the study abroad experience from pre-departure planning through re-entry. Please visit our wiki pages  to learn more about our application process and make an appointment to discuss your plans and options. Please note that there may be limitations on spaces available for some study abroad programs and that not all applicants may be approved to study off-campus. Each student’s application will be carefully reviewed. In the case of limits on program space, a committee will consider the following factors: quality of short answers to prompts on the off-campus study  application, cumulative GPA, class standing, disciplinary record and  prior study abroad when issuing approval decisions.  We encourage students to select multiple backup options in addition to a first choice program. In the event that you meet the eligibility requirements for a program but are not accepted or are limited by enrollment capacity, you may be offered a place on a waitlist. The Office of Study Abroad may also be able to work with you to determine other alternatives.

Are you a faculty member looking for the recommendation and advisor approval forms? Visit our For Faculty  wiki page; you will be asked to log in using your W&J credentials. Thank you for your support!

  • Before beginning the application process, students should consult with their academic advisor and the Office of Study Abroad.
  • Students need at least a 2.5 grade point average to qualify, but some semester-long programs may require a GPA of up to 3.0. Students should have the required GPA at the time of application.
  • Students may study off-campus as early as the first semester of their sophomore year, and as late as the first semester of their senior year.
  • Students applying to a program in a country where English is not the national language are encouraged to have taken at least elementary courses in the language of the host country; some programs will require intermediate to advanced language ability.
  • Students on academic or disciplinary probation or suspension, or with other serious disciplinary violations, are not eligible for off-campus study.
  • Students with delinquent financial accounts are not eligible for off-campus study.
  • Consult the Office of Study Abroad for specific program eligibility requirements and openings.
  • While abroad, students must be registered as a full-time student taking a minimum of 12 Washington & Jefferson College credits
  • Note: there is a petition process in place for students wishing to study on a program that is not on the list of approved programs; petitions are due one month prior to the regular study abroad deadline. Please email the Office of Study Abroad at for information and detailed guidelines. A limited number of petitions will be approved each term.

    *A small number of programs have deadlines that are earlier than our normal W&J deadlines. In these cases, individual students who plan to study on these programs will be contacted and provided with a different deadline - one more reason to plan ahead!

Once the student receives permission from W&J to study off-campus, the Office of Study Abroad will submit the student's completed program application to the appropriate off-campus program. The off-campus program will typically then inform students directly of their admission into the program.

After issuing approval/acceptance, both the Office of Study Abroad and the off-campus program will require students to submit a number of forms to prepare for and finalize their semester(s) off-campus. Students should make sure to read carefully and understand all forms given to them, and to submit all requirements on or before stated deadlines. Failure to complete the requirements of either the Office of Study Abroad or the off-campus program may result in the withdrawal of the student's approval to study off-campus.

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