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We invite all of our study-abroad students to keep a personal blog during their time abroad. Blogging not only serves as a record of what students have done and what they were feeling, which they can look back on in the future, but also helps them to process some of the challenges and differences that they experience in their day-to-day life. We regularly send students prompts of specific reflection topics - they are welcome to use our suggestions, or to write about themes of their own choosing.

Some of our students have offered to share their personal blogs with the campus community. Read about their adventures below!

Fall 2015
Senior Neuroscience major Valeria Velazquez is spending the fall term on a special petition program in Santiago, Chile. Follow her study abroad semester by reading her blog, "Adventures of Val."

Junior Aric Brown, double Cell Molecular Biology and German major, is studying in Cologne, Germany this fall. Aric will be creating a weekly video about bring abroad, which you can check out here Aric's Travel Vlog.

Spring 2015

Junior Kira Austgen, a double Environmental Science and International Studies major, is studying at the American University in Cairo for the spring.See Egypt through her eyes on her blog, "Adventure on the Nile."

Double International Business and Spanish major Sanam Bhalla is spending the spring semester of her junior year in Heredia, Costa Rica. Follow along with her blog, "Pura Vida, My time in Costa Rica."

Junior Ana Ramirez, who plans to complete a double major in Spanish and Psychology, will spend the spring term at the Universidad de Burgos in Spain. Read about her adventures on her blog, "When in Spain!"

Sophomore French and Spanish double major Rachel Reyher is studying in France at the University Paul-Valery Montpellier for the spring 2015 term. See what she's up to on her blog, "She Went to Montpellier."

Fall 2014

  • Senior Megan Nissley, a General Biology major, is studying in the Galapagos Islands this fall. Follow in her footsteps on her blog,"Walking with Darwin."
  • Double Psychology and German major Lauren Truskey is studying in Cologne, Germany for the fall semester of her sophomore year. See what she's up to on her blog, "Lauren in Germany."
  • Sophomore double German and French major Noah Alter is spending the fall 2014 term in Cologne, Germany. See his adventures on his Facebook page, "Noah's World Travels."
  • Junior Spanish major Elisabeth Tuttle is studying for the fall in Quito, Ecuador.  Follow her adventures on her blog, " Ecuadorian Adventuras."
  • Triple majoring in Computing and Information Studies, German and History,Sara Mitchell is spending the fall of her senior year in Vienna, Austria. Read about what she's up to on her blog, "Chasing Schrödinger's Cat."
  • Junior Biology major Donte Stevens is studying in Quito, Ecuador for the fall. Follow his adventures on his blog, "Toca el Cielo - Ecuador."

Spring 2014

  • Nicole Orait, German and Environmental Studies double major, is spending the full academic year in Munich, Germany on the Lewis and Clark program. Check out her blog, "I'm not in WashPA anymore..." to see what she's up to!
  • Spanish major and junior Casey Ortega is spending the full academic year in Pamplona, Spain at the Universidad de Navarra. Follow her adventures on her blog, "Hola y Hello!"

Fall 2013

  • Business Administration and International Studies double major Maylin Burns is spending the fall of her junior year in Hong Kong as a student at Lingnan University. See Hong Kong through her eyes by visiting her blog, "Living in a Hong Kong World!"
  • Senior Political Science and History double major Meghan Gillie is spending the fall 2013 semester in Cork, Ireland, as a student at University College Cork. Follow the path she takes by reading her blog, "Study Abroad - the Land of Saints and Scholars."
  • Junior Michaela Lies, double majoring in Spanish and International Business, is spending this fall in Quito, Ecudaor at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito. Read all about her time abroad on her blog, "Holy Guacamole, I'm in Ecuador!"
  • Senior Psychology student Huong Nguyen is spending the fall term in Sevilla, Spain at the Universidad Pablo de Olavide. Learn to live like a local by following her blog, "When in Spain, do as the Spainiards do!"
  • Spanish major and junior Casey Ortega is spending the full academic year in Pamplona, Spain at the Universidad de Navarra. Follow her adventures on her blog, "Hola y Hello!"

Spring 2013

  • Kaitlyn Burns, a junior international studies and political science double-major, is spending the spring semester in Grenoble, France, at the Université Pierre Mendes France. Check out her blog, "Studying Abroad in Grenoble."
  • Junior Spanish and political science double-major Samantha Gagliardo traveled to Quito, Ecuador, for her spring semester abroad. Read about her life in Ecuador and at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito at "Mi Vida Ecuatoriana."
  • Spanish and communications double major Olivia Long is spending the spring semester of her junior year at Universidad Pablo de Olavide in Sevilla, Spain. Share her experiece through her blog, "Olivia's Life in Sevilla."
  • Matthew McKnight is a junior art major studying this semester on the Firenze Arti Visive program in Florence, Italy. Follow his adventures through his blog, "Bon Jour No."
  • Spending a semester off-campus in the US is junior, international studies major Cassy Misiewicz, who is studying at American University on the Washington Semester Program this spring. Tag along with her travels through her blog, "Always On the Move."

Fall 2012

  • Junior Jeff Germak,  majoring in French and International Business, spent the fall semester in Lyon, France at IDRAC. follow his adventures through his blog, "Laughs from Lyon."
  • Biology and German double major Rena Sufrin spent the fall semester of her junior year studying in Cologne, Germany on the PCIC Program. Read about her experiences on her blog, "So they finally let me into Europe..."

Spring 2012

  • History major Michael Nemchick spent the spring of his junior year in Shanghai, China, studying at Fudan University. See Shanghai through his eyes by visiting his blog, "Fudan Adventures."
  • Amirah Polite, an international studies major, studied at Akita International University in Akita, Japan, during the spring of her junior year. Tag along with her through her blog, "Amirah in Japan."
  • Pamplona, Spain was the study-abroad destination for Whitney Veronica Sims-Rucker, who is an international business major and spent her entire junior year  at the Universidad de Navarra. Read all about her experiences on her blog.
  • Chemistry major John Tokarski spent the spring semester of his junior year in The Netherlands, studying at Radboud University Nijmegen. Follow his adventures on his blog, "It's the Netherlands...Not Holland."

Please note: The individual students are solely responsible for the content of their blogs.