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If you are a faculty member serving as a Group Travel Leader, please note the following:

Items for all travelers to complete, including Group Travel Leaders:

  • W&J Traveler Information Form
    • Faculty should please ensure your participants complete this item 30 days before departure.
    • Note that for the purposes of this form, your group should have a single leader. There is a place in the survey to list a leader. Everyone needs to put the same name and email there. Only one name and email can go in. Please decide who this should be and communicate this to all travelers. The leader will receive a confirmation when their students complete the form.
        1. Note that information for the insurance enrollment is pulled from this form, so the entire group must complete it before insurance is processed.

        • All travelers should also enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) . Faculty are responsible for ensuring everyone is enrolled. Creating an account with STEP is not enough. After creating an account, you must click “add a trip or residence abroad” and put in the relevant information. Example

Additional Items for Group Travel Leaders to complete/submit:

  • A .pdf of each participant’s passport, including that of the Group Travel Leader – sent by email all at one time to

Additional Item for students to complete:

Item for non-student participants to complete, if applicable:

We recommend that faculty travel leaders call a meeting with their group in a computer lab to have everyone do their forms at one time and to also collect passport copies. This is the most efficient method of making sure everything is complete.

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