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  • Employee Recognition Program


The Employee Recognition Program is a peer to peer recognition program designed to encourage and reinforce a work culture of gratitude and appreciation for each other. The initiative involves the entire workforce, where everyone has a chance to offer feedback and provide a vehicle for recognition.

How does the Employee Recognition Program work?

The program will be administered through Human Resources.  All W&J employees are eligible to be nominated and may nominate any other employee at the College. 

When an employee wants to nominate their colleague they will complete an electronic nomination form and it will route directly to HR.  If the nominator wishes, nominations may be submitted anonymously.

Selection Criteria

The intent is to provide recognition for extraordinary effort and/or achievement.  Reasons for recognizing employees include but are not limited to the following:

  • providing exceptional customer service
  • enhancing the student experience
  • identifying areas of monetary savings for the College
  • exemplifying college values of W&J: Integrity, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, and Courage
  • identifying a process improvement
  • being innovative and/or creative
  • displays a job performance that goes beyond expected performance levels
  • performing as an unsung hero (dedicated people who work behind the scenes to ensure success)

Electronic Submission

  1. To submit a nomination, employees may use the following electronic form: Employee Recognition Program Form
  2. After you have completed the form, click submit and it will be routed directly to HR.   

Recognition and Award for the employee who was nominated

  • HR will email the nominated employee congratulating them within 2 days of receiving the nomination.  Employee’s manager will be notified unless the employee has asked it to not be shared. 
  • With their permission, nominated employees will receive recognition in the monthly GreenSheet

Awards for being nominated

All employees who are nominated will receive the following:

  • Small award from HR
  • Certificate

All nominations will be placed in a drawing that will be held quarterly for a raffle prize.  

There is no limit to how many times an employee may nominate someone or be nominated.  Each nomination an employee receives will count as an entry for the quarterly prize drawing.

Please contact HR at with any questions, comments or concerns.