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ID Cards:

Employees are required to obtain a Washington & Jefferson College ID card at no charge to the employee. Cards are authorized by Human Resources and issued by the Business Office.  The ID card allows employees access to borrowing privileges in the library, wellness center access, and access to athletic and cultural events on campus. Employee spouses, domestic partners, and dependent children are also eligible to receive an ID to access the wellness center.


Motor vehicles parked on campus or in College lots must be registered and display a parking permit.  There is no charge for this registration and permits may be secured through the Department of Campus & Public Safety.  Employees are expected to be familiar with and to observe campus-parking regulations. Drivers should be especially aware that pedestrians have the right-of-way over vehicular traffic on campus. Vehicles, which are illegally parked, will be subject to fine(s) and may be towed at the owner's expense. 

Campus Dining:

There are two locations for on-campus dining. George & Tom's, which is located in the lower level of Rossin and The Commons Dining Hall, located in The Commons.

W&J also has 2 cafes on campus that offer a full selection of hot and cold drinks, pastries and breakfast foods.  The Barista Cafe is located on the Lower-level of Commons Building, near the Ski Lounge.  Roasted is a completely student-run cafe, located in Swanson Science Center.

Please visit the Parkhurst Dining Services link for more information about their services.  

Conference / Meeting Room Reservations:

Conference rooms may be requested by submitting an online form available through Room SchedulerAfter completing and submitting the online form, you will receive notice via email of the room that has been reserved for you.

Athletic Facilities:

W&J offers to its students, faculty, and staff the use of College athletic facilities for personal recreation. This program includes the use, on a regular schedule, of Henry Memorial Gym and the Wellness Center.  Facilities are available at no charge upon presenting a valid college ID card. Visit Athletic Facilities for more information.

Dependents are eligible to use the Athletic Facilities upon completion of a waiver.  Please contact Human Resources if you have any dependents interested in this benefit.

W&J Radio Station:

WNJR is an alternative radio station for Washington County. Student and community broadcasting, news and public affairs from the Pacifica network, thought-provoking programming from Public Radio Exchange, and a wide variety of music from alternative to hip hop to electronica is available.  Tune in to 91.7 FM to listen to WNJR.

Department of Campus & Public Safety:

The administrative office responsible for security is the Department of Campus & Public Safety which reports directly to the Dean of Student Life. The department includes a director and three other certified police officers and eleven full-time security officers. Department of Campus & Public Safety has an excellent working relationship with all local departments along with the Pennsylvania State Police.

We have installed many safety measures, including 24-hour card access to our residential buildings, emergency phone boxes across campus, a 24 hour a day, seven day a week escort system and security cameras in selected locations. Safety is the responsibility of all community members and it begins with each of us.  Please lock your cars, offices and residential rooms. Contact the Department of Campus & Public Safety immediately in case of an emergency or safety concern.

Library Services:

Employees can use their W&J ID card to borrow from the library (one month borrowing periods for most materials).  Other library privileges for staff include interlibrary loan service from libraries throughout Pennsylvania and beyond.  In addition, employees can access the library’s web site from anywhere on campus, by clicking on the library bar on the College’s home page.  The library’s web site offers access to electronic catalogs and indexes.

Mail Center Services:

The Mail Center is located in the lower level of Rossin Campus Center.  Incoming mail can be picked up between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. at the Mail Center.  Inter-office mail should be dropped off at the Mail Center.  All other mail should be stamped and placed in the Postal Collection box located outside the Rossin Campus Center.  Stamps can be purchased at the Bookstore or in the Business Office.  All new employees are assigned mailboxes either individually or within a department.


Employees may put money on account with the Business Office and use their W&J ID card as a debit card.  This will allow them to purchase items from both the Bookstore and Food Service Operations.  You will receive a 5% discount on any food purchased from Food Services if you use the J-Cash option.

Bookstore Discount:

Employees, spouses and dependent children receive a 10% discount at the College Bookstore on all purchases with the exception of textbooks.

Computer Loan Program:

Employees may apply for an interest free loan of up to $1,000 to purchase a personal computer.  Loan payments are set up via payroll deduction over a maximum of two (2) years. Employees should contact the Business and Finance office or Human Resource office to initiate this process. Upon termination, any unpaid balance will be deducted from the last paycheck(s) in accordance with the loan agreement signed by the employee. There is a one year waiting period for this benefit.

Employment Verification:

You may need your employment and income verified when applying for a mortgage or loan, leasing an apartment, applying for insurance, etc. Basic employment information can be verified by telephone. All employment verification requests should be directed to Human Resources at 724-503-1001, Ext. 3012.

Facility Services:

Facility Services provides general maintenance, grounds, and custodial support for the entire Washington & Jefferson College campus.