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Below are some useful resources from the ITS wiki to assist you with your technology needs.

New to W&J:

Provides very helpful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for faculty, staff, and students who are either new to W&J or just want to reorient themselves with the technology services, offerings, and procedures. Areas covered under this section include how to purchase a personal computer at a discount, how to log into and use various applications, how to use network folders, how to request training, how to obtain an ID card, and much more useful information.

Campus Computers:

A listing of all of the open access computers on campus and the software that is installed on each lab computer.

Campus Software:

A list of common software loaded on computers around campus as well as troubleshooting and resources guides for individuals using that software.


Guides to help faculty, staff, and students troubleshoot common email issues

Media Services:

A list of multimedia resources available to faculty, staff, and students as well as online forms for reserving rooms and media.

Network Connectivity:

Provides tips for connecting your network capable devices (such as laptops, PDAs/smartphones, gaming consoles, and Tivos) around campus. Also provides information on how to connect to the campus network via VPN when you're off campus.

Campus Printing:

Provides instructions for printing from one of the open campus labs as well as a list of campus open lab printers.

Phones and Voicemail:

Provides instructions for accessing and transferring voicemail on and off campus as well as instructions for using our IP-based phones.

Teaching Technology:

A list of technology resources for the classroom including technologies available for faculty to use, ideas for how faculty around W&J's campus have implemented technology into the courses, and information about how to schedule an academic office visit with our Senior Instructional Technologist.

Miner Docs Site Index:

This is an indexed list of all of the information available on the ITS wiki. If you have an ITS related question, but aren't sure which of the above categories your answer falls under, searching on this link can help you to find the answer you seek.

Online Stores:

A list of vendors that offer special academic discounts to W&J faculty, staff, and students.

To contact the ITS Helpdesk, please visit Helpdesk Link.