The Starting Point

Welcome to Washington & Jefferson College's (W&J) New Employee Orientation Program!

Yes, there is a lot to learn at W&J - and about W&J. It's a community uniting more than 350 faculty and staff and 1,300 students.

Happily, there's no need to know everything at once. Take your time and enjoy the orientation process. You can come back to this site again and again at your own pace.

We've put this website together to share everything we think you might need or want to know about working at W&J. This orientation will provide you with procedural information and link you to the tools you will need within your first few weeks to begin your experience at W&J.

Here are some brief instructions as you start the new employee orientation program:

Program length will vary depending on the individual.
Take your time and complete the program at your convenience.
Please view this program with Internet Explorer; it is incompatible with other browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox
To maximize the viewing of the content section, you can collapse the Navigation sidebar (left upper side of content area) and News sidebar (right upper side of content area). This can be done by clicking the small arrows (toggle sidebar) located on the left and right sides near the top of the content section.
Use the large red NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons at the bottom of each section to navigate though the program.
Please jot down any questions that you have while going through the orientation. You will have a question & answer session with a Human Resources staff member during your benefits orientation meeting