If some, or perhaps all of the columns are missing from your report output, consider the following:


Are user settings applied to the report?

User settings are personal report customizations that are managed under the User Settings tab. If you have made any changes under User Settings, you will see "User settings applied" in the Report Template and User Settings tabs.


User settings can be used to change the column output of the report. Also, if user settings have been applied, you will not see any potential changes that have since been made to the report by the report owner. To remove the user settings and restore the report defaults, click the "Clear Settings" option on the right of the screen under the Report Template or User Settings tabs.


Do you have the permission to see the columns in the report?

If you have not been granted permission to see the fields contained in the report output, then they will be missing from the output. Contact the Helpdesk with any questions regarding Informer permissions.