The Informer report is not generating any output.  Reference the information below for instructions pertaining to your problem.

  1. Did you just log back into Informer?  See Figure 1 below.
  2. Were the Runtime Parameters entered correctly?  See Figure 2 below.
  3. Does the Selection Filter return any records?  See Figure 3 below.
  4. Do you have permission to view the output?  See Figure 4 below.


Figure 1
  1. After being automatically logged out of Informer, a report may not execute when launched immediately after logging back in. If this happens, refresh the browser and launch the report again.
  2. You can also try to refresh the report output. This is different from a browser refresh and is accomplished by clicking "Refresh" either above or below the report output.

Figure 2

If the report has Runtime Parameters, make sure they were entered correctly before launching the report. For example, start term is entered like "2013FAL" and not "Fall 2013".

Figure 3

In the Report Template, review the Selection Filter.  If the selection logic will not result in any records being returned, consult the report owner (found on the right of the screen).



Figure 4

If you have not been granted permission to see the fields contained in the report output, then they will be missing from the output. Contact the Helpdesk with any questions regarding Informer permissions.