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The ITS Department is excited to announce a significant upgrade to the speed and functionality of the 25Live campus room scheduler   On November 5th, 25Live with officially be updated to 25Live Pro. This upgrade brings several beneficial improvements to the platform such as 

  • Simplified, consolidated navigation 

  • Unified master search 

  • New drag and drop functionality 

  • Additional event editing functionality 

  • A Redesigned Event Form with greater capabilities and streamlined navigation 

On November 5th, you will automatically have access to 25Live Pro. Simply visit and enjoy the new features of 25Live Pro. If you’d like some additional information about using 25Live Pro, you can read through some helpful documentation in the wiki entries listed below. Please feel free to contact the ITS HelpDesk with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have regarding the upgrade and use of 25Live Pro. 

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