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  • 25Live Scheduling Overview


Utilize 25Live on your computer by visiting

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See Available Locations

Click the  link at the top right of the window

Drop down and select 25Live Scheduling which looks like this


See available locations by clicking on the link button or the blue cube

Your starred locations come up with Reserve It or Unavailable buttons for the date and time listed above the locations

Click the Checking Availability for date and time listed to change them

You can click on the Your Starred Locations drop down box to see more options

To return to the main scheduling page, click the browser Back button

See Available Resources (red pyramid) and Search for Organizations (linked people) work pretty much the same way

Search For Events

The Search for Events (page with corner turned down) probably won’t show you anything at first

You can type in an event name and click the magnifying glass to search for an event

You can also click the Select Existing Search drop down button, scroll down and select a pre-built search

Once you have events showing on the screen, click the Searching All Events drop down link and select Upcoming Events to eliminate past events, if desired

Create an Event

Click the Create an Event button to create a new event

This brings up the new event entry form

Enter your information as you normally would, then Save it

If you change your mind, you can Cancel the event entry form, and click the CLOSE without saving button