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Washington & Jefferson College
Acceptable Use Policy for Technology Resources

The technology resources at Washington & Jefferson College will be used by students, faculty, administrators, and staff for the express purpose of enhancing and supporting the educational process and function of the College.

All users of W&J's technology resources are prohibited from:

  • Using the W&J local area network or Internet connection for any illegal purpose whatsoever including the exchange of copyrighted material protected by Title 17, U.S.C. Examples of protected copyrighted materials include, but are not limited to, music, software, video, images, etc. Violators may be subject to legal action.
  • Using W&J network resources in any way contrary to the "Student Code of Conduct" as stated in the "W&J Student Handbook" including the use of network resources to harass, threaten, libel, defame, intimidate, or deceive others.
  • Using W&J technology resources for commercial purposes or personal profit.
  • The frivolous, non-academic, or otherwise unproductive use of W&J network resources so as to deprive or degrade the availability of network resources to the rest of the college community.
  • Attempting to access or accessing restricted devices, software and/or data at Washington & Jefferson College, or at any other site via modem, wireless, direct or network connection, using network scanners or sniffers on the W&J network, or otherwise attempting to discover and/or probe other devices.
  • Running server software on computers/networked devices without the express permission of the Office of Information and Technology Services.
  • Installing and operating wired or wireless routers, switches or similar network equipment; creating individual networks; installing Internet service through an external Internet service provider; or merging the campus network with an external Internet service provider.
  • Sending unsolicited bulk e-mail messages (junk mail, "spam" or "e-mail bombs") of any kind; forwarding or propagating chain letters or malicious e-mail; attempting to mislead others as to your identity either by providing false information when subscribing to or posting to lists, or by forging the headers and addresses in an email message.
  • Using software or any other method of disrupting, restricting or altering the normal flow of network data packets, or altering the assigned IP/network configuration of any computer connected to the campus network.
  • Disconnecting, moving, or otherwise altering the physical configuration of any network device, desktop computer, or rack-mounted media equipment, or loading software on college owned computers without the consent of the Office of Information and Technology Services.

Violators of this policy will be subject to the College's disciplinary procedures. A violation of this policy may also result in the termination of network services and/or access to W&J technology resources.

Washington & Jefferson College regularly monitors traffic on its data network and the data stored on its networked devices to insure compliance with the College's policies. W&J may take any measures necessary to insure compliance with its "Acceptable Use Policy for Technology Resources," including restricting the software and devices permitted to be used on the college network and access to specific network or Internet sites and services. Washington & Jefferson College reserves the right to act against any person(s) who willfully misuses College owned technology resources, associated furnishings, and facilities.

Office of Information and Technology Services
Updated:  February 2016

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