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The Office of Information Technology Services maintains a computer replacement program that focuses on placing new computing and technology resources in academic areas on a regular schedule. These areas include general computing labs, classrooms, and faculty offices.

A typical refresh rate in faculty offices and classrooms is every five years, with special consideration being given to those areas where technological advancements require more frequent updates, as funding permits. Computers in general access labs are typically refreshed every three to five years. The computers which are taken out of service are evaluated, refurbished if possible, and then re-deployed to less demanding locations where they may still be used for limited functions.

Administrative offices requiring a replacement of office computers must account for them in their operational budgets. All computers and technology equipment must be approved in advance and purchased through the ITS office.  ITS will provide cost information as needed to administrative offices for planning purposes, and then ITS will purchase, install and support the new systems for offices.

The computer replacement program is funded entirely through the annual budgeting cycle. As a result, the ITS Office can not guarantee replacement computers on a prescribed schedule.

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