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Information and Technology Services supports media, network and computer equipment in many locations across Campus, including computer labs and classroom lecterns.  ITS also maintains a small inventory of media and computing equipment for short-term loan to College employees.  Equipment damages or equipment loss resulting from employee negligence may be the responsibility of the employee’s department or office.  Examples of such negligence include, but are not limited to, mishandling or physically damaging equipment, moving or re-configuring equipment, spilling liquids or other substances, using equipment for any purpose other than that for which it was designed, etc…

ITS must be notified immediately when equipment is lost or damaged.  Employees and their departments or offices assume full responsibility for the security, handling and use of College owned equipment which they have been assigned.  Repair costs resulting from negligence, or costs associated with equipment theft, loss, and/or misuse may be charged to the employees’ department or office. 

If it is determined that damages resulted from negligence, the employee responsible for the damage will receive notice from ITS.  The employee’s department or office may then be charged in full or part for repair costs.

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