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Information & Technology Services is responsible for acquiring and maintaining all hardware and software products purchased with College funds.  Through normal operational means, ITS replaces certain hardware on a regular basis, and maintains a software library containing products that meet most typical needs.  The purpose of this policy is to define the process by which additional hardware and software products are reviewed, purchased and maintained, with respect to data security, operational integrity, and long-term sustainability.  

ITS will neither install nor support hardware or software that has not been approved in advance of purchase.  ITS can assist in determining if the College already owns hardware and software that meets your needs.  Please be sure to explore the list of options in our software library.  For information on hardware please contact the ITS HelpDesk directly at, or at Campus extension 6022.


Computer hardware includes desktop computers, laptop/notebook computers, tablet computers, printers, and other computing and peripheral devices.  In academic areas, many computers are replaced as part of the annual computer replacement cycle.  Please see the Computer Replacement Policy for more information.

All offices and departments must contact the ITS HelpDesk for any computer hardware purchases that do not fall under the annual computer replacement cycle.  Offices and departments purchasing equipment not covered under the replacement cycle must identify funding in advance of the purchase.  ITS will request quotes from vendors, manage the equipment purchase, and then install and support the new hardware.

In some cases, and depending on the intended use, ITS may have suitable refurbished hardware on hand that will meet the current need.  Please consult with ITS for additional information.  Computer hardware that is not acquired through ITS will not be supported.  Due to licensing and warranty restrictions, ITS will not install College owned software on a non-approved device, nor will ITS perform physical repairs to the device.


Information & Technology Services provides a standard computer software image for all new computers.  This image creates a consistent technology environment that is secure, compliant with all licensing and usage agreements, and meets the general requirements of most constituents.  Specialized needs may require the acquisition of additional software.



Prior to purchasing any hardware or software, please review the guidelines below and complete the Software Acquisition Request form.


Software and vendor services review

      • ITS must be included in all software acquisitions to ensure compliance with the campus infrastructure. 
      • ITS will ensure that the software meets all operational requirements including server configurations, operating systems, and auxiliary or third-party software products (browser compliance, Java version, etc.) as well as the user needs.
      • In addition to the software, ITS will also review data hosting and/or storage services, whether data is hosted internally or by the vendor (or a cloud agent acting on behalf of the vendor).
      • ITS will assess the level of internal support necessary for continuous operation, and the support services that are either provided by or will need to be purchased from the vendor.

 Vendor compliance

      • All vendors that provide cloud-based services must meet acceptable industry security standards as specified by Washington & Jefferson College audit standards.   The determination for compliance is based on several factors. 
      • Vendors must provide their SOC 1 or SOC 2 reports, their SSAE-16 (formerly SAS-70) or comparable compliance documents, and audit reports as needed that illustrate the vendor has committed an appropriate level of resources to data protection and security.
      • The software under review must provide a high quality service that improves our technology environment without jeopardizing network or server performance, data integrity or data security.
      • All software that requires data exchange that may include FERPA or HIPAA protected information must comply with all state and federal requirements.

Software demonstrations

      • ITS must be included with all stakeholders in vendor software demonstrations.  ITS recommends comprehensive demonstrations prior to the purchase of any software, and will work with vendors to arrange remote (video conference) demonstrations as needed. 
      • In cases where institutional data may be required for demonstration purposes, vendors must provide in advance all security compliance documentation as specified above, including written assurance that all data will be permanently removed from their systems following the demonstration. 
      • All FERPA and HIPAA requirements apply to software demonstrations.  Please refer to the ITS  Data Protection Guidelines for more information. 

Software quotes

ITS will work with offices to clearly define requests for quotes, and then ITS will submit the requests for quotes to vendors, and work directly with vendors through the quoting processes to address their questions.  By including ITS in quoting processes we can ensure that:

      • quotes are based on system configurations currently in use and supported in our environment,
      • all applicable discounts are included in the quotes,
      • quotes include all necessary components and services (licensing, third-party products, continuing support services, etc.), and
      • all costs including associated and continuing fees are consistently negotiated with respect to non-profit and/or educational institutions, and with respect to prior agreements we may already have in place with vendors.



When acquiring new software, the budget must include the cost of the software as well as all associated costs such as installation, training services, updates/upgrades, third-party products that may be necessary for software operation, costs associated with data transfers, and the cost of any specialized hardware or equipment that must be acquired.  An estimated cost of the annual maintenance and licensing fees must also be included.  ITS will assist with identifying all costs and with the development of the budget.  The requesting offices and departments are responsible for identifying and securing budgetary funds for the acquisition, support and continuing costs of the software and licensing. 

The funding for new hardware that falls outside of the Computer Replacement Policy is the responsibility of the requesting office or department.  ITS will assist in identifying all costs associate with new hardware purchases, which in some cases may also include installation and support.  The requesting offices and departments are responsible for identifying and securing budgetary funds.


Software Acquisition Request Form

Acceptable Use Policy

Terms of Service Agreement

Data Protection Guidelines

Computer Replacement Policy

Software Library

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