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Mobile Device Guidelines and Procedures

Mobile Device Support

For the purpose of this procedure, “mobile devices” refers to cell phones, smart phones, iPads, tablets, eReaders, notebook and laptop computers, and other devices of this type which have the ability to connect to a wireless (Wi-Fi) network.  ITS will provide students and employees with general assistance for connecting personally owned mobile devices to the Campus Wi-Fi network.  Vendor supplied information for some models of some smart phones such as the Apple iPhone and Android devices will be maintained on the ITS web site.  ITS will assist employees with synchronization services to the Exchange email system.

Mobile Device Use and Responsibility

The use of personally owned mobile devices in classrooms will be left to the sole discretion of the instructor of record.  Mobile device use outside of the classroom is left to the discretion of the device owner. 

Device owners are solely responsible for their actions.  While connecting to and using the Campus Wi-Fi network, all device owners are expected to comply with all state and federal laws governing the use of such devices, as well as all College policies, codes, procedures and responsibilities stated in the student and employee handbooks.

Mobile devices with cellular data plans may continue using cellular data even when the device is within range of the W&J campus Wi-Fi network.  When in range, users may wish to disable the cellular data function to avoid over-use of their cellular plan, which may result in additional plan charges.

Device Service Management

ITS will not alter the Campus network, network services, or any portion of the network or its configuration to either minimize or enhance the use of Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices.  ITS highly recommends that personally owned devices with this capability be configured to connect to the WashJeff Wi-Fi network.

Some mobile devices are not capable of establishing secure Wi-Fi connections.  To accommodate these devices ITS maintains the WashJeff-IoT-Device network.  Users should consult their owner’s manual for more information regarding Wi-Fi connectivity and associated security concerns.  ITS strongly recommends that users refrain from transmitting personal, financial and other types of confidential information over the WashJeff-IoT-Device Wi-Fi network, or any other non-secure Wi-Fi network.  It is also recommended that users employ locking or security features on their devices to protect private information from unauthorized access.  ITS is not responsible for the security of data transmitted over the WashJeff-IoT-Device network, nor is it responsible for issues that may arise from compromised or lost data resulting from the use of the WashJeff-IoT-Device or WashJeff Wi-Fi network. 

Cellular access and Quality of Service

ITS cannot guarantee that all mobile devices will connect to the campus wireless network and/or sync with Exchange email, calendar or contacts, or any other campus service due to frequent changes by mobile device vendors, and variations in cellular plans associated with mobile devices that also have Wi-Fi capability.  The management of personally owned mobile devices is the responsibility of the device owner. ITS will not assist users who have devices containing non-vendor approved software (i.e. Jail broken or hacked operating systems, unapproved or offensive applications, etc.).

Cellular access from major providers in the Washington area is available in most locations across Campus.  ITS does not provide, control or maintain cellular services in any way.  Further, ITS is not responsible for cellular signal strength, data security, or quality of service in any Campus location, nor does ITS perform repair services on personally owned mobile device hardware or software.  Device owners should contact their cellular provider and/or device vendor for more information.

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