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Online gaming is permitted and supported on the Campus network.  This network has been configured to the specifications recommended by Microsoft and Sony.  Updated specifications for gaming purposes that are released by Microsoft and Sony are reviewed by ITS.  At its discretion ITS may implement recommended changes, but will only apply changes that do not impact the academic and/or operational use of the Campus network. 

Through the normal device registration process, ITS does support gaming device connectivity.  However, ITS does not repair gaming devices, nor does it support gaming software beyond basic network connectivity.  The most common gaming devices typically connect without issue.  However, ITS does not guarantee that all gaming devices will communicate properly due to variations in device type, cabling, software configurations, and software versions or revisions. 

ITS will not alter the Campus network, or any portion of the network or its configuration to either minimize or enhance gaming beyond the specifications previously indicated.  ITS will not assist users who have devices containing non-vendor approved software (i.e. Jail broken or hacked operating systems, unapproved or offensive gaming applications, etc.).  Support related issues should be directed to the gaming device vendor.

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