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In 2010 when W&J adopted the Sakai Learning Management System, the Committee on Academic Technology (since renamed to the Committee on Library and Educational Technology), under guidance from the Vice President of Academic Affairs, determined that Sakai course sites would not regularly be deleted. That decision guided the creation of the ITS procedure to retain all course sites in Sakai as long as it was practical to do so given storage constraints.

Faculty members are given “Instructor” access to every Sakai course site they are teaching; this is essentially administrative access to that course site. As such, faculty members have the ability to add, remove, or modify content from these course sites (including current and past course sites), but they are not able to delete the course site in its entirety. Every effort should be made to preserve the historical integrity of academic records and course information stored in the Sakai system.  

If there is a need for someone other than the instructor of record to be given instructor access to a course site in Sakai, ITS requires approval from either the Department Chair, Program Chair, or one of the Deans in the Office of Academic Affairs.

Information placed on Sakai course sites by faculty members may or may not become the property of Washington & Jefferson College. ITS is unable to advise faculty in regard to intellectual property matters and recommends that all questions regarding intellectual ownership be addressed to The Office of Academic Affairs.

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