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Acceptable Use of Technology Resources

Washington & Jefferson College provides data network and Internet service primarily for academic and operational purposes, and secondarily for general use within the guidelines of College policies.  While using W&J network resources, all members of the W&J community will adhere to Washington & Jefferson College's "Acceptable Use Policy for Technology Resources" both in spirit and practice.  All users of College technology resources and personally owned devices on the W&J Campus network agree to comply with the Acceptable Use Policy.

Information & Technology Services Responsibilities

Information and Technology Services is responsible for providing the highest quality of service, efficiently and effectively, while considering the needs of the total user community.  At times the process of carrying out these responsibilities may require special actions and possibly intervention by one or more ITS staff members.  ITS staff members have no authority above and beyond those of other users. ITS will make every effort to ensure that persons in positions of trust do not misuse computing resources or data, or take advantage of their positions to access information that is not required in the performance of their normal duties.

Information & Technology Services holds every individual’s right to privacy in the highest regard.  To that end, ITS will never supersede any College policy regarding due process by acting as a disciplinary agent, nor will the Office police individual activities.  However, in cases of unauthorized, inappropriate, or irresponsible behavior, ITS does reserve the right to take remedial action commencing with an investigation of the possible abuse, and possibly including the suspension of account privileges. 

ITS senior managers and their designees will work in conjunction with W&J’s Office of Campus & Public Safety and other law enforcement agencies as needed during their inquiries and investigations.  These inquiries and investigations may require the examination of files, passwords, accounting information, printouts, storage media, or other material that may aid in the inquiry and investigative processes.  ITS has the authority to access this and other information and data as required. 

Prohibited Devices

The following devices and connection methods are known to disrupt network services to others, and therefore are not permitted on the W&J network.

  • Physically connecting any kind of router, switch, or hub to the W&J network without prior, written permission from ITS.
  • Operating any device that acts as a wireless router that actively broadcasts a wireless signal and/or network, and interferes with W&J’s Wi-Fi network.  Examples of such devices include, but are not limited to:
    • Wireless routers and access points
    • Wireless extenders
    • Printers with an enabled wireless adapter *(see below)
    • Wireless cable / cellular modems
    • Any mobile device that acts as a Wi-Fi Hotspot*(see below)
    • Any Wi-Fi Direct device*(see below)

Printers with internal wireless capability may be used on the campus network, but only if the wireless and Wi-Fi Direct adapters are disabled.  ITS can assist with disabling adapters on printers.  Likewise, mobile devices are permitted, but Hotspot features must be disabled.  Other Wi-Fi Direct devices may be used on the Campus network unless they disrupt wireless signal for other network users. Should this be the case, ITS will require removal of the device.

When the above devices are detected by ITS, all registered devices to the user, room, or office will be disabled until the device is disconnected, powered off, and ITS determines that the device is no longer in use.  While devices are disabled users will still be able to log into computers in the W&J labs and access W&J resources (email, WebAdvisor, Sakai, etc.). 

Unsupported Devices

The following types of personal devices are permitted on the W&J network, but they are not supported by Information & Technology Services. While ITS will attempt to register these devices on the Campus network, ITS cannot guarantee the quality of their operation, nor the quality of network play or connectivity.

  • Videogame systems such as XBOX, Sony Playstations, Nintendo Wii, etc.  
  • Portable media devices such as tablets, phones, and media players.
  • Personal devices such as Roku, AppleTV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Amazon Speakers, etc.

ITS is not responsible for repairing personally owned technology equipment such as computers, printers, phones, mobile devices, etc.  While ITS is not responsible for repairing these personally owned devices, the ITS HelpDesk will assist users with network connection setup and other related problems that fall within the scope of network connectivity.  The ITS HelpDesk will not attempt to resolve other hardware or software problems, or those that are either conflicting with or unrelated to network setup.


Any suspected security problem relating to technology should be immediately reported to ITS.  All technology users are responsible for protecting their password, and all users are responsible for any malicious action caused through the use of their W&J account as a result of negligence.  ITS will never ask for your username and password, nor will ITS include a link in an email message asking you to verify that information.

All network and system accounts are owned by and will remain the property of Washington & Jefferson College.  Network and system accounts are assigned to individual users for their own use.  As account holders, individual users are not permitted to transfer, delegate or provide access to their account(s) to any other person for any reason.  

Use of the College network and its resources indicates acceptance of this Terms of Service Agreement. All network users agree to observe these terms in spirit and practice, and to respect the integrity, access, operation and use of W&J’s technology resources for the entire campus community.

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